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Fire Safety Hill 1 On a cold summers night the fire department received a two-alarm house fire. When the first-in engine arrived on the scene they reported heavy smoke and flames visible from the exterior. Others units then arrived on the scene to help battle the blaze that destroyed the two-story house. Thankfully, no one was injured. Fire investigators determined the cause of the blaze was a candle that has been left burning unattended while the homeowners left the house. Accidents like this are the reason for fire safety awareness. Fire safety is an essential part of education for both the public and firefighters that has proven to decrease the risk of accidental fires and fire related deaths.

The history of the fire service dates back to the early days of history. The service has evolved dramatically from the beginning. The first records of the fire service were recorded when a firefighting force emerged ?during the rule of the roman empire? (Lincolnshire 1). The first try of using a fire brigade didn?t work as planned as nearly a quarter of Rome went up in smoke under rule of emperor Augustus. The first fire brigade fire, safety, fires, one, public, help, education, about, work, smoke, people, house, first, service, programs, occur, nation, injuries, firefighters, fatalities, environment, elken, decrease, brigade, ways, risk, residential, related, reason, put, prevent, place, need, make, left

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