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Finding sources of inspiration can take a lot of time and energy from a person. And if it seems to you that this is the prerogative of representatives of creative professions, we dare to assure you that this is not so. Inspiration can be needed by any person and at any time, it may be required to take a difficult decision, an exam, a difficult task – and how little is there in the world of such things! However, what if at the critical moment it does not come? Of course, to catch him by the tail and bring him to himself is unlikely to work, but it is quite possible to show some kind of activity in this direction.Inspiration: what is it and “with what it is eaten”?When talking about sources of inspiration, the question arises, but what is it generally? Inspiration is a special state in which a person is able to enter and which is characterized by the highest emotional uplift, the influx of strength and energy, and high creative productivity. Many people, describing their feelings at this moment, say that inspiration is like a stream carrying you somewhere: you do not always understand what is happening, you can not clearly predict the future and do not realize about the past time.Being in a state of creative inspiration, a person becomes very strong and charismatic, he is able to influence other people and entice them with him. The emergence of insights and all kinds of enlightenment is also often associated with finding in this special state. In most people, inspiration is manifested in the ease of movement of thought and images, which becomes vivid, full and clear, and emotional experiences impress with their depth and severity.The peculiarity of this condition is that all cognitive processes, such as thinking , memory, perception, take place particularly quickly. People creative – artists, writers, musicians – inspiration is like an attack of obsession: a person can not eat or sleep for several days, doing only art, and does not calm down until he completes his work.Very often, a burst of inspiration is similar to enlightenment, especially when it is associated with the solution of a difficult problem. You spend hours (and maybe even days) thinking about it, and then at some point the individual parts of the puzzle are formed into a single whole, and an understanding of the right question comes to you instantly.It is obvious that inspiration is necessary for all people, and often even in the most ordinary and routine cases: for example, you decided to clean up the apartment, but you can not bring yourself to begin. Or you need to prepare an important presentation at work. Or come up with an idea for a new business. In all these cases, you do not interfere with the influx of inspiration and new strength

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