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Financial FitnessPresentedBy: Sam KhozaThis presentation tackleseverything you need to know to maximise your financial performance, frombanking, budgeting, investment and property to estates and wills, insurance,and retirement.A feast is made forlaughter, and wine maketh merry; but money answereth all things.Ecclesiastes 10:19″Investment planning is the process of examininginvestment objectives, and then designing an investment strategythat takes into account the impact of risk, inflation, taxationand liquidityin order to satisfy the needs of the client / investor.” Hard work alone isnot enough to guarantee financial independence.

You need an investment planthat will make your money work for you.To gain financialindependence, your money must work for you. You need to be smart about moneyand you need to know your money’s enemies and friends.Your money canwork for you only if you are clear about its job description. This is notdifficult, and most people will say “I want my money to make me rich”. This isnot a get rich quick scheme presentation.Your money shouldgive you a real rate of return. This should be your money’s job description andyour principal financial goal.

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 What isyour dream / goal / objective? Condition your mindChange theway you think about moneyPicture:Unlearning in progressName 3things for which you want money for. Why do you need to be wealthy? The principle of writing thingsdownIf you donot write it down, then it does not exist. Any plan or vision that is notwritten down will fail. Writing your budget will help you achieve yourfinancial goals. The principle of making money serveyouMake moneywork for you versus you working for it. You can achieve this simple principleby reviewing your relationship with money. Does it serve you or do you serveit? The principle of self-rewardingThe onewho benefits from your salary first, controls you.

Whobenefits first from your hard-earned money?Why docreditors enjoy the fruits of our labour?How do youspend a Rand?10% shouldgo to charity / church20% foryourself – (10% passive investmentand 10% spend it improving yourself) The principle of diversificationMitigatesrisk in one’s investment portfolio. It is an essential requirement in themitigation of risk.Diversification inthis context means spreading your investment risk between the various assetclasses. (Cash, Property, Bonds and Equity) The principle of financial freedomBegin bywriting down all debts. Prioritisethe debt according to the amounts owed.Pay offthe smaller debt first, while continuing to serve all other debts.Once thefirst debt is paid off, add the saved amount to the instalment of the seconddebt etc.

 The principle of creating aninheritanceThefinancial seeds you plant today will germinate and grow into a forest. Applythe seed planting and harvesting principles to your finances. Plants smallseeds (Savings), they will grow into a tree (Investments) and into a forest(Wealth).  What financial seeds are youplanting today? What savings and investment principle are you planting? Theseason is now! The time is now! Don’t wait for the economy to improve.Determine how you will save as a seed for an inheritance for your children andfamily.

 4 IncomeI = IncomeD =DeductionsE = EquityA =AppreciationL =Leverage to create more 5 Overcomeyour fear and restraining greedYou’lleither live your dream or live in fear Conclusion:If notnow, when?Inspiration+ No action = Expiration.

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