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Total mass of the Element/Compound (Part)Total mass of Compound (Whole) x 100 The formula above is the formula used to determine the percentage imposition of an individual element in a compound. In this experiment, the researchers are both going to solve for the theoretical percentage composition and the experimental percentage composition of elements/ ions. The theoretical percent composition is solved using a known formula compound and an experimental percent composition is solved using data identified in the experiment.

The goal of this experiment is to formulate a diminutive percentage error as possible, which is solved using the formula below. Theoretical value- Experimental volumetrically value x 100 The compound that they are going o use in this experiment is KICK or potassium chlorate. Potassium chlorate, when heated to high temperatures would form this equation: COCK’S (s) A CLC (s)+302 (g) Procedure The experiment was composed of two parts. The first part was for determining the percentage composition of potassium chlorate.

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First, the researchers made sure that the crucible, which would be used throughout the experiment, was dry, so they heated it on a clay triangle for 2-3 minutes. Next, they let the crucible cool down a bit and then weighed it together with its cover. Then they added 1 . 196 g f potassium chlorate into the crucible, placed its lid and then weighed it. After that, they heated the crucible again on the clay triangle for 8 minutes with its bottom 2. 5-3 inches away from the flame. They heated it for another 10 minutes, that time adding a little bit of distance between the flame and crucible bottom.

They allowed the crucible to cool for about 10 minutes. Then they reweighed the sample for 6 more minutes, cooled it and then weighed it again. In the second part of the experiment, they took 3 test tubes, one containing a small amount of potassium chloride, one with a like amount of potassium chlorate, and one that maintained a solution obtained from adding distilled water to the crucible, that was used in the first part of the experiment, and heated it for about a minute, and then they added 10 ml of distilled water to each and stirred.

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