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Which is illegal to force humans to be Guiana pigs to find out if a medication will be effective, lethal, cause side effects, or if there will be a resistance to the drug. The entire film illustrates that humans right to consent may or may not be honored depending on who is involved and who controls the power. Also, in order for humans to gain medical advances there has to be voluntary and involuntary human tests that come with a price f the effect of the drug on the given humans.Dry. Sass argues exceptionally well, that humanity should reevaluate ethics used in “distributive justice” (Sass, 26), “use and abuse of power” (Sass, 27-30), and “voluntary self- degradation and demutualization” (Sass, 31-36). There is no doubt that Sass believes that scientists have the power to create new technology for what they may think is the “betterment of mankind,” but have no way of knowing what price humanities worth will be relieved.In this film, the main characters Justine, was able to complete his wife Tease’s research to expose the Kenya government had merged groups with a company called KID, which is a pharmaceutical company, and Three Bees, a medical testing company, to test innocent Africans with a drug called Depraving that had not been approved by the FDA, to test a trial tuberculosis drug on Africans.

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