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Fig 1: CIPD
Professional Map

I have chosen the professional area of Resourcing and Talent Planning and
Employee Relations from the CIPD Professional Map.

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I believe below mentioned
knowledge, skills and behaviors in reference to most recent CIPD Professional
Map are important for developing into the role of an effective and efficient HR


Professional Area

what the individual understands in
order to carry out the activities

what the individual does

how the individual carries out the

Resourcing and talent planning
(Band 2 – Adviser & issues-led)

o  Laws governing resourcing, talent & exit.
o  Range of approaches to hire, retain, develop, exit
o  Execution of recruitment plan – as per agreed standard
and deadlines.
o  Effective talent and succession solution.
o  Induction and transition tools.

o  Supporting managers to make right resourcing decisions,
identifying right current and future skills and capabilities required.
o  Internal and external talent identification.
o  Supporting managers for succession planning
o  Use of right assessment tools and ensuring assessors are
fully trained in a chosen approach.
o  Deliver, coach, train managers for transition of new
employees in induction process, exit management.

Personally Credible

Employee Relations
(Band 2 – Adviser & Issue-led))

o  Employment Laws – propose changes to mitigate risk.
o  How to coach managers.

Gathering analysis and
presenting ER related feedback

Develop relevant ER documents.
Ensuring consistency in all ER activities.
Focus interventions on enhancing constructive & honest conversation
between employees and managers.
Lead to resolve ER issues.

Skilled influencer
Decisive thinker


Resourcing and Talent Planning: It is a critical function in HR that
involves coordination and collaboration with HR Team and other stake holders in
various aspects like resources, hiring strategy and tools. HR professional
would also support managers to identify current and future talent needs.  HR professional ensures identification,
retention and attracting talent externally and internally. Use of suitable
assessment tools is as important as finding a right candidate. HR professional
in this function advises and supports managers to take right hiring and
succession decisions.

Transition is very important for career
management of the new joiner. We can use tools like 30, 60, 90, 150, 180 days
review process. Process enables managers and new joiner or promoted employee to
have regular feedback and manage performance.

HR professional also supports managers to
prepare honest and timely communication about the performance concerns.

HR should regularly review the resourcing
and talent policies and make the changes in line with the industry standards
and governing laws.

Behaviors that drives these activities are
being collaborative and personally credible. Supported by these two behaviors
you build ‘skill’ and the ‘will’ to succeed in your job. Collaboration can
drive to solve issues.

Employee Relations: A healthy employee relation reduces absenteeism;
it also discourages conflicts and fight among individuals. HR function plays a
vital role in binding the employees together.

HR professional should take a lead on
investigating and resolving ER issues. Coach and support managers to manage
performance on an ongoing basis and communicate clearly to employees on
performance and reward matters.

Knowledge of local employment laws and
knows what organization need to do to mitigate risks. Gathering and doing meaningful

Above all I believe HR should harness
curiosity. Having knowledge and being constantly interested in knowing how each
department operates, how each department is contributing to the organizational
goals. How competitors in similar business are operating, being up to date with
all job requirements, including law, HR processes.

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