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As a moist environment is conducive for many chemical reactions relating to bacteria, food can decay easily if it uptakes too much moisture from its environment. As for loss of water, texture and taste may be affected if too much eater is given out, changing overall quality of food. (Potter and Hutchins) 2. Relative humidity is the ratio of partial pressure of water vapor in the air to vapor pressure of pure water. It refers to the area surrounding an object or a solution.

Water activity is equal to the relative humidity divided by 1 00, and their values are equal when the food sample has reached equilibrium with the environment’s relative humidity. 3. The precautionary steps that need to be taken when determining moisture content is to firstly make sure that the sample is not left for too long at places with relative humidifies that will tamper with the exult, and secondly is to make sure that the sample is not grinded too finely as some cavities can be ruptured, exposing water to evaporation. (Nielsen, S. S. , 2003) Conclusion 1.

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Boiling point is affected by the presence of various solutes, such as NCAA or sucrose. Reducing the volume of water only increases the rate of increase in temperature. 2. Cream crackers are generally crispy in texture and have low moisture content. It is determined by finding the difference in mass before and after drying the sample and hence evaluate the percentage of the water contained in the sample. 3. A high relative humidity will cause a sample to turn soggy with time, and an atmosphere of low relative humidity will cause the sample to dry up.

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