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India: Dysfunctional Functions of Law The legal system in New Delhi, India is less than satisfactory. Inhabitants, especially women, feel that their rights are being neglected and they are being treated unjust. The assault of a 23 year old female student recently sparked the attention of many people including those who call New Delhi their home. The young female was gang raped by 6 men as she boarded a bus with her male friend after leaving a movie theatre. Her friend was left brutally beaten and she had life threatening injuries.She was transported to a hospital in Singapore, where 13 days eater she passed away.

This sparked protests and riots, as citizens feel that their legal system is failing to provide the safety and fairness they deserve. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in the city of New Delhi. New Delhi is lacking the basic functions of law such as providing a system of enforcement, protecting rights and freedoms of citizens and protecting the society. A system of enforcement is necessary to ensure that everyone is abiding by the given laws. If laws are not enforced, people will feel that there is no reason to follow them.

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If a small child is not disciplined when he or she paints on his or her bedroom wall, they will continue doing so whenever they want to. However, if this same child is told that drawing on the wall is bad and put in a timeout, they will know the consequences of repeating the action. The same goes for the men of New Delhi; if they can get away with wrongful treatment of women, they won’t hesitate in doing so. However, if laws against the improper treatment of women were strongly enforced, and action was taken on those who fail to abide by those laws (I. E.Jail time and fines) en would refrain from assaulting and harassing women as they know the penalties they will face. Many citizens feel that law is not stringent enough and people do not fear the law.

New Delhi needs to make laws protecting the citizens and make sure that each and every law is fully enforced. The protection of rights and freedoms is essential for the safety and respect of women in New Delhi. In a country like Canada, citizens feel safe in their community. They can leave and enter their home at any hour of the day, and board a bus without hesitation or fear.In New Delhi the rights and freedoms of women are being selected.

Women are racing home before sunset to avoid being on a bus when it is dark outside. They will not board crowded busses because many men become more aggressive when on a heavily populated bus as they feel they cannot be seen. Authorities in New Delhi are blaming the victim rather than the predator. Security officers have said that if women dressed more conservatively and left and returned to their homes at appropriate times, harassment would not be a problem.

However, this is a violation of rights and freedoms.Women should be free to return home after unset and feel safe doing so. The Judicial system of New Delhi should take basic human rights into consideration and help women instead of blaming them. Laws are designed to protect society from harm and define what is right and wrong.

The protection of society punishes those who break the law to ensure the estate AT all toners living Walton ten collect N Dell’s estate system Is Tattling to actually provide citizens with security. Many in New Delhi fear authorities and have a lack of trust for police officers. If society is not being protected it nears there is a fault in the system.

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