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What influences gender roles

“It’s natural for her to act that way,” I don’t think so.

In order for someone’s behavior to be accepted as natural, they would have to be born that way. Unfortunately, many of the behaviors that are seen in men and women are the results of continuous influences they have been exposed to throughout their lives. Many roles determine how a person might act into adulthood. These influences come from many different places such as the family, toys, and the differences of responsibility given to the child.

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When a child is born, the first thing they are exposed to is a colored blanket and their first toy. The influence of these two things will follow this person into adulthood. Throughout their infancy, the baby is referred to differently depending on its sex. If it is a boy the adjectives to describe his range from handsome to brave and strong. Whereas if it is a girl, she is automatically classified as sweet, gentle and kind. These words have a lot of influence in what a child is given as a toy and the clothing he or she is dressed in.

Little girls are dressed in pink and purple, soft and gentle colors. On the other hand boys are dressed in blue. girls, boys, child, children, might, toys, given, family, things, act, taught, same, influence, gender, very, two, person, one, men, influences, influenced, home, girl, brain, about, years, society, seen, roles, own, learn, ideas, depending, while, way, should

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