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Jay Smith Revised draft septet. 11th, 2013 In the article, “Brave New World of Digital Intimacy’, Clive Thompson explains to theta users of Twitter and Objectification , that Social sites are giving such a detailed glimpses into other polisher’s lives that “ambient awareness”, has become part of almost every person on planet earthlings interaction.

According to Thompson, ambient awareness is the feeling of being with someone, or in someone’s life, without physically being there; and every faceable and twitter user is feeling it, (whether they realize it or not).Thompson then goes on, to talk about a Boston Globe columnist experiences of Ben Haley? , who, when first introduced to twitter. At first Haley, stated “Who really cares what I am doing every hour of the day’? And Thompson agreed with this thought, but the Boston columnist, but after getting adjusted to the 24 hour updates of twitter, Haley noticed a hypnotic rhythm to his friends’ lives, in seeing how someone made a sandwich every day. Through sociologists, and Shannon Seers, a fellow twitter user, Thompson also learns about crowd sourcing through “weak ties”.Sociologists define weak ties as strangers, which users call friends, or friends you they would never talk to, except through social sites. Crowd sourcing with weak ties is very beneficial, especially if users are trying to make trivial decisions, because people then have access to a wide range of opinions.

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Trying to ask close friends, for an opinion of where to go for dinner isn’t as effective, because their opinions are more similar to the user’s own opinion. But through strangers, labyrinthine friends, the opinions are limitless.Shannon Seers learned of this strategy, used it to her advantage. Oops! You’re skipping some major points. Tell me about Andrea Ann and the erosion of privacy / return of small town life. , and told Thompson of the usefulness of it.

At the end of the article, we learn Thompson concluded by quoting a observation opinions of by Laura Fitting, and that posting status updates, can make you a person a “calmer and happier” person because “It drags you out of your own head”, and makes you clearly think of about yourself.

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