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the ‘5 Ws’ gives us a little insight into our target market and how we intend
to reach them. What is important is value and Virgin Media has plenty of that.
We have seen that a high percent of festival-goers are couples and families.
These people could be newly-weds, first time home buyers, elderly couples
looking to increase connectivity with the changing world or growing families on
a budget looking for a better deal. Reports from 2016 show that Irish consumers
spend up to €850,000 per hour online (6). With expenditures on the likes of
Netflix and constant broadband use, bill payers want the best bang for their
buck. Virgin Media can use the opportunity of a large-scale family event to
advertise the packages they have to offer.

come from all corners of Ireland and beyond to get away from their busy lives
and take in the beauty of Bloom. A relaxing, aesthetically pleasing event like Bloom
can enlighten the senses, inspire all ages and promote and easier way of life.
These elements promote expenditure for all demographics. Through the mediums of
the interactive iPads selling subscriptions and the cinema pods showing values
and promotions, Virgin Media has a huge chance to gain a lot of customers.

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(7) Image shows the expenditure
percentage for 2014. We can see that people are encouraged to spend and should
they be targeted correctly from the digital realm they can too be encouraged to
buy or at least sign-up for Virgin Media in some shape or form.

can be attracted by the epic films and the fun they can have on the pads and in
the maze. Elderlies can be attracted by the user friendliness of the pads and
the ability to actually speak to people in person about services. While anyone
in between could be influenced by all angles to appreciate Virgin Media for
what its worth, influencing them to sign up for newsletters and offers or avail
of a free bundle or two that could be given away on the day.

7: Bloom-2014-Post-Show-Report (1)



Plan and Public Relations



As this event is a festival on a national scale the database
is endless. All demographics must be targeted, through all different mediums.
At Bloom, everyone is a potential customer. A mass marketing technique can be
used as we are appealing to a broad range of consumers.

At the moment, Virgin Media has just reached 50,000 users in
Ireland (1) while Three, the second largest phone company in Ireland, who have
over 2 million users (2). Together with Liberty Global, the world’s largest international
cable company, Virgin Media serves over 27 million people worldwide. UPC was
Ireland’s leading provider of Digital TV, superfast phone service and
broadband, which Virgin Media has now taken over and invested in its fibre
powered next generation network (3). It is very important that we use our WOW
factor elements at Bloom, this year, to showcase to the public of Ireland that Virgin
Media is a brand to be trusted…so how do we do this?

The above
chart gives us an insight into the target market at Bloom. With its extensity we
have an opportune time to advertise the offers and deals Virgin Media is
providing while using the unique selling points to show off the quality of the
companies work in digital, environmental and customer services.


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