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Explain How Shakespeare Has Used Language To Suggest The Relationship Between Juliet and the Nurse In Romeo and Juliet BY JUJU The use of language in Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet is very effective in displaying the relations between characters. In this extract, the reader is able to explore the relationship between Juliet and the Nurse to a great extent by examining the language used and looking at its contextual evidence.

In the first line of the extract Juliet addresses the nurse with “Now good sweet Nurse” which indicates that the two characters are very close. This scene presents Juliet as being very fond of the nurse s she openly calls her good and sweet, and her care for this character is further presented in this passage of speech as she continues by asking why she looked sad. This loving relationship between the two characters is highlighted by the fact that Juliet notices that the Nurse is sad, and Juliet clearly cares for her feelings by acting concerned.

This speech also leads the reader to think that the Nurse is usually happy around Juliet as she questions why she isn’t happy, because the Nurse is usually happy around Juliet it indicates that she enjoys Gullet’s company and that the two get n very well. A manner of respect is also present in the relationship between the two characters. There seems to be no ageism between the two despite their probable age gap and they treat each other as equal even though the Nurse should be caring for Juliet.

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In fact in this extract it seems to be Juliet who is willing to care for the nurse, which shows how much respect she must have for her. She even says “l would thou heads my bones” after the Nurse exclaimed the pain she was in due to her bones aching which shows she would be willing to make a sacrifice in order to protect the Nurse. This mutual respect is further emphasized as the Nurse is comfortable in displaying a weakness to Juliet, and does not try to manufacture a false perception for Juliet.

Further on in the extract Shakespeare presents more evidence for the two characters being comfortable in each others company by using more relaxed language. As the Nurse is speaking to Juliet later on she says: “Now comes the wanton blood up in your cheeks” and “Hi you to church;” This language is relaxed whilst still showing who the elder, wiser character is but not in a patronizing way. Another thing noticeable with the use of language by Shakespeare in this illegal is that the two characters have a similar sense of humor.

Even though Juliet respects the Nurse she still manages to make a Joke out of her apparent breathlessness. In replying to the Nurse saying she’s out of breath Juliet Jokes: “How art thou out of breath when thou hast breath to say to me that thou art out of breath? ” This displays both interest from Juliet in the Nurse’s condition and ability to make it a more enjoyable situation for both characters. Although the language used by Shakespeare indicates the characters Juliet and the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet are fairly close, there is some evidence in the extract which support some slightly negative connotations.

The Nurse could be seen to enforce her personal views too much on the easily influenced, slightly vulnerable character of Juliet. This choose a man. ” The dismissive language used by the Nurse here could be interpreted as slightly overpowering and – although her intentions are good-hearted – she could be seen as contemptuous at times. This is more apparent further on as the Nurse tries to reason her logic behind the claim that Romeo is not right, but she – almost subconsciously – ends up listing a number of positive characteristics for the character. “Though his face be better than any man’s, yet his leg excels all men’s.

And for a hand and a foot and a body, they are past compare. He is not flower of courtesy but, I’ll warrant him, as gentle as a lamb. ” the Even though the Nurse disagrees with Gullet’s opinion in an arguably patronizing way she still doesn’t manage to list any substantial reasons for her opinion, and even lists more positive characteristics than negative ones of Romeo. This could be seen as fairly contradictory and leads the reader to think that in some cases the Nurse Rooney dismisses Juliet and enforces her own invalid opinion because she is so easily influenced.

However, Shakespeare manages to present these opinions of the Nurse as a potentially damaging opinion with good intentions – therefore further re- instating the fact that the two characters are exceptionally close. To conclude I believe Shakespeare used a number of techniques in his texts and used language effectively to mucous people’s opinions. In Romeo and Juliet he used language to represent the close relationship between Juliet and her Nurse but also displayed a few fractures.

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