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Water samples were obtained from different areas (Pond, Britannic Bridge Stream, Bentleys Place Canal and Hatchery Canal) before the lab. 5. The containers were kept in a well-lighted place. 6. The dissolved oxygen in every sample was measured after three hours. 7. After twenty four hours, the dissolved oxygen in the samples was measured again. 8. All the readings were recorded and tabulated. Ill. Results and Discussion Table 1. Dissolved Oxygen Readings Time Water (Control) Stream Pond Hatchery Canal Bentleys Canal 9:00 AM O pump 4. 5 pump 5. 6 pump 4. 1 pump 1. Pump 12:00 PM 4. 4 pump 4. 6 pump 4. 3 pump 9:00 AM (Next Day) 0 pump 4. 82 pump 5. 8 pump 6. 75 pump 5. 2 pump Figure 2. Trends of Dissolved Oxygen in Water Samples The results showed a significant difference of dissolved oxygen in the control, stream, pond, hatchery and bonnets water sample. There is no change for the pump of dissolved oxygen in the control variable. In stream water, there is an increase of . 32 pump dissolved oxygen after twenty four hours. For the pond sample, the dissolved oxygen fluctuates after three hours but gained an increase f 1. 2 pump after one day.

While in hatchery canal sample, the reading after three hours was increased by . 5 pump. And greatly dissolved 2. 15 pump of oxygen after twenty four hours. Whereas for the Bentleys canal sample, the dissolved oxygen prominently increased by 3. 1 pump after three hours and only 0. 9 pump after twenty four hours. The dissolved oxygen for each water samples was somehow directly proportional to time. The longer the time, the dissolved oxygen reading becomes greater. Bacteria and other microorganisms are responsible for the increase of oxygen in selected samples.

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The controlled variable which is tap water is treated with chemicals to eliminate microorganisms for water safety that is why the water showed no significant results. Contractible can increase tremendously in a short span of time. CNN is very useful in nitrogen fixation which maintains soil and reduces erosion. Blue green algae can also be considered as food for humans and some of these microorganisms have also been identified as potential materials in biotechnology. Indirectly, BAG affect man due to their role in transportation of freshwater which leads to fish kills. (Martinez 1984)

The use of Dissolved Oxygen Meter was introduced in measuring 02 production of contractible and microcomputer as a tool in transferring and measuring small amount of liquids. IV. Conclusion In general, contractible are capable to undergo photosynthesis through photosynthetic pigments, chlorophyll a and possibility, henceforth there is oxygen production. V. Literature Cited Martinez MR… 1984. A checklist of Blue-Green Algae of the Philippines.

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