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Experience That Changed My Life

According to the America Immigration Department, there are more than thousands of
people from foreign countries immigrating to America every single day. You may
immediately wonder, ?why there are so many people coming to our country? As long
as I also came to America from Hong Kong a few months ago, let me tell you the
reason. It is because America is the strongest country in the world. As you can see the
national defensive system and the education system are so well-developed.
Undoubtedly, going to America has affected my life not only physically, but also

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It seems to me that Hong Kong education system has messed up since China rules
over Hong Kong from 1997. In support of this, I have an example. Sadly, there
was an educational reform occurred within these several years in Hong Kong, which
has totally destroyed the well-developed educational system; furthermore, a lot of
people in my country started leaving Hong Kong for other countries because of the
economic recession. Conversely, I know that America has the best colleges, like
Harvard, Yale and University of Pennsylvania, which is the antithesis to Hong Kong;
in addition to that, the education system is better than any other

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