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I have decided to consult the problem to the service center of your company but unfortunately they Just included it was Just because of battery without examining it. I believe that your company should honor my warranty for it states that: Any defect found in the product and its accessories within fifteen days replacement period must be replaced and/or fixed. I am looking forward for your positive response. I can be reached at the numbers 361-2460 or 09301218767.

Sincerely, Carnie Richweed “PARTS OF SPEECH” It is a term in traditional grammar for the eight categories into which words are classified according to their functions in sentences.Pronoun It is a word that substitutes for a noun or noun phrase. He had a terrifying power of concentration.

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She lives in a far place. It is natural for a wise man to do the right thing. They have exhibited the paintings. WSDL you consider the computer a perfect creation? That boy was so serious.

We can have peace if we trust and love God. This is what I am finding for almost five years. I love him so much.

Verb It is a word that conveys action, an occurrence, or a state of being. The birds fly high above the tree. The student waters the plants every day. The baby was crying.

The little turtle crawls at the sea. Nicole was playing her guitar. Justine blows the candle of his cake. An old man passed on the street. She gets the piece of paper. The dog barks to the cat. The trees are dancing to the breeze. Adverb It is a word that changes or qualifies the meaning of a verb, adjective, and another adverb.

A script should be written carefully. In the garden, there are colorful flowers. I pray with all my heart in the church.

The flower shop will open tomorrow. Major dances gracefully. I should check his temperature more often. I am studying every night.The silver flying saucer came down silently. The girl is inviting her friends to take a snack at the canteen.

The contestants are arranged randomly. Adjective It is a describing word. Mr.

.. Sys is very rich. She has the most hilarious face I had ever seen.

The future is a convenient place for dreams. All living things in this world are wonderful. I am intelligent. She is so funny. I am dependent when I was a child. He looks so lovely. My father is hardworking. I am quiet especially when the classes start.

Conjunction It connects two words, sentences, phrases or clauses together.Mar and Clara are best friends. Men must be governed by God or else they will be ruled by tyrants. Life is not merely being alive; but being well. She is friendly while he is war-freak.

He could have been saved if the rescuers were not late. I must eat more so that I will grow fast. She suffered from stomach ache because she ate mango very late at night. They had left the house when hurricanes attack.

She ran to open the door after she saw us coming. Preposition It expresses relationship. All I know is what I read in the papers. My heart is a lonely hunter that hunts on a lonely hill.They are talking at the office. She hid inside the box.

The airplane flies above the mountain. The baby is under the pillow. They play outside.

The marker is by the eraser. The pens are with pencils. The feathers are behind the plants. Interjection It is used to express an emotion or sentiment.

Ah, the breeze is nice. Good grief! Maggie would not go out with the snow without her coat on. Hurray! I caught another catfish. Wow! Those are some slobbery kisses. Well, let us go swimming! Aha! Here are you. Oops! I’m wrong. Steps, Come over here! Whew! I can’t believe it! Hey! Is that you?Noun It is a part of speech typically denoting a person, place, thing, animal or idea.

Music is he mediator between the spiritual and sensual life. Joy rises in me like a summer’s morn. The sun rises in the east.

Nana and Rah look beautiful together. The breakfast is so good. Grace passed the licenser exam for engineers. Happiness can be found in someone’s heart. Poverty is the major problem of our society.

Parent’s must guide their daughters and sons. The birds flock together. My Teacher Teacher is a person who always helps everybody to get knowledge and always stands My teacher is a lady of discipline.No one can misbehave in her class. She is strict but never beats anyone. She is always cheerful. She is a lady of good habits.

Her method of teaching is very good. She comes to school in time. All the pupils like her very much. My adviser is an ideal teacher for me. My School A school is where people learn and study. Without school we will never able to write even a word. My school’s name is Salvation Central School. It is a Filipino Government School.

My school’s environment is clean to let students study comfortably. It is also a child-friendly school where teachers and pupils have strong bond with each other.Pupils respect their teachers as well as teachers respect their pupils. All teachers in my school are highly trained and experienced. Our school functions 7:AMA until 4:pm.

Our school canteen sells different types of food. Hence, pupils never get bored eating those foods. In studies, our school show good result every year. It also competes to other schools when it comes to academic performance. I am very proud of it.

It is an ideal school in every community. My Church Every person in this world belongs to a different culture within their society. We all have different values, beliefs, and norms that help build our culture.Religion truly presents what an individual truly believes in. I am a Roman Catholic who believes in one God. The church I attended ever since I am young is located at the central part of our bargain.

It is called Salvation Catholic Chapel. It is made of concrete and has a steel doors and windows. It is a little bit elevated.

Most people who attend the mass were natives of our bargain. They also sponsors the things which are needed by the church.

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