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Everything Happens for a Reason I don’t believe in luck. I don’t believe things happen by a coincidence. I believe that everything that happens has an explanation behind it. Life is a complicated thing and it has challenges tthroughout it, but if life didn’t have these challenges, what would be the point? Life would be meaningless. Certain obstacles that occur in my life not only helps me learn and have a better understanding from it, but it gives my life meaning.

Starting college was a “wakeup call” for me. Two weeks after my high school graduation, I started an algebra support class and failed it, so now I’m taking it over. Failing the class made me realize I’m in college now and had to get rid of this high school mentality. I realized that it was up to me not to Just do the homework, but to actually go back over it. It’s up to me to pay attention and ask questions. I realized nobody was really going to help me pass the class.

It all falls back on me, to whether or not it’s going to happen. Sometimes you have to succeed. I can only speak on my life, but I think this is what keeps the earth rotating. I always keep in mind that: “Everything happens for a reason, so when you keep failing over and over again, keep in mind that you’ll succeed as you continue to strive. ” I feel that I have to go through certain struggles for me to succeed in life. For me to succeed, it will take hard work and deducation.

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I know that during the process there will be obstacles in the way that will try to stop me, but it’s all up to me to make the choice whether to let whatever it is to stop me or fight it. If I make the right decisions everything will fall into place, but I know during the process I can’t stress over it because at the end of the day I can look back and Just laugh or I can say, “l accomplished this. ” So live for the moment, because only time will tell what the reason really was.

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