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Every person had their definition of what a hero is. A hero would come in very different characteristics; it is up to the person to decide what those traits they aspire to have one day are. Every person has someone they look up to or aspire to be one day. For me, a hero is someone who is strong, supportive, and never afraid to fail and get up again.  A hero to me is someone who cares about your happiness and wants you to be the best person you can be. All of those traits and descriptions meet when I talk about my father. He is my hero, and one of the most important people in my life. He has always supported me no matter what the case was and has given me the best life I could ask for. In my opinion, no one can be compared to my father. He is the most thoughtful, adoring, encouraging person I know and that why he is my hero.My father is my hero because he is one of the most important people in my life. Whenever someone asks me who is the one person I look up to or aspire to be, I always say my dad. He is a very hardworking man and someone who cares deeply about his family. A hero to me is someone that will always be my side even when times get tough. He is always there for me whenever I need him, whether it is a problem that I am facing or a dilemma that I might be experiencing, I know that he will always be there for me. I know that he will always be there for me whether I am celebrating an achievement or upset. I know that he will always put my happiness first and will always put me first to make sure that he gives me the best life I could have. He has always taught me to be nice to people. Since I was a kid, he would make sure to take me with him to food drives, volunteering events, and helping others. He made sure to ingrain in me the trait of aiding others and being there for people who are in need. He has shaped me to be the responsible, caring person that I am today.It was during high school that I knew my dad was the person that I look up most to. I was struggling with my math class and was not doing very well. The teacher called him and expressed his concerns to him about my performance. He immediately dropped everything he was doing, and when I came home he was there to talk to me about why this was happening and ways we can improve my grade. He didn’t show any anger in him or punished me for my bad performance; however, he treated me like a ma and had a conversation with me. He made sure that I was doing all of my work by being with me and explaining to me whenever I didn’t understand something. He also hired a private tutor for me to help me with my problems in that class. He knew that it would increase the cost, but he made sure that I had the best of the best ways to help me achieve the goal we both set. He Is truly a one of a kind person and always has put me first in his life. When I got my final grades back and saw a vast improvement, he was smiling from ear to ear and was so happy for the achievement that I made in that class. He didn’t ask for anything in return; he only wanted to benefit me because he knows how this will have a significant impact on my life in the future. One other thing also that I have experienced was when I graduated from high school. It was time to decide where to go for my next level of education. I have always dreamed of coming to complete my education in the United States; however, I was very hesitant to go abroad to a new place where I didn’t know anyone there. A lot of people were advising me no to go overseas and stay home with my family and continue my education in my country. However, my day was always supporting me and was always rooting for me to go abroad and face my fears. He wanted me to experience different cultures and meet people from all over the world. One thing he said to me that has resonated with me was “whether you study here or in the US, just know that I will always be proud of you wherever you go. Do whatever makes you happy, I will always have your back and support you”. When I heard those words, it made want to go abroad and get a degree from a prestigious college. It wanted me to make him proud of me and proud of the achievements I will accomplish in the future. I hope that one day I get to have all the qualities he has and be just like him for my kids. He has truly inspired me every day even during rough times and exams. I always want to make him proud because he has sacrificed so much for me and had always put me first. I know that he will drop whatever he is doing in a blink of an eye just to be there for me whenever I need him. I don’t think what I have written up can express and show how much I love and look up to my dad because he is indeed the hero of my life. He has always taught me to be proud of myself and be the best person I can.My father is my hero because of what he has done for me all my life. He always makes me feel like I am the number one priority in his life and wants me to be successful, and this always pushed me to work harder because I want to make him proud of me. He has taught me so much and shaped me to be the person I am today. He always kept reminding me to be proud of who I am and never be afraid to fail in life. My father will always be my hero forever 

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