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Ever since primary school, I was interested in science.

However, now it is very much a fact that human the body’s complex process is no longer a riddle through learning biology at secondary school. This inspired me to choose biology. I am always a good forward thinking and optimistic student since my childhood with an ambition to learn new things. Biology is an exciting field of study for me to leverage well and develop analytical skills to a good extent. It will offer me a scope to study and learn more about the human body and its healthy functioning and much more.

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I am looking forward to adding this study to learn in depth about the cellular functions, Organisms, disorders and many more topics.I believe that biology and psychology are closely linked together by neuropsychology which is the structure and function of the brain in relation to behaviors this example is alongside many other parts that are linked to these subjects. I have always been eager to work with people for a long time and have always been fascinated with human behavior and the way our mind works. This has made psychology a preferable subject for me. I think Psychology concentrates on every aspect of our lives. Studying psychology in more depth and gaining knowledge of this subject is one of my goals.

I believe it is going to challenge me intellectually and develop the skills I need in order to pursue a career in psychology. I think doing sociology in year 11 will help me understand similar topics such as crime but in different perspectives and help me to understand the how our actions are influenced by our brains in more detail.A famous writer once said that ‘There are a thousand thoughts that lie in the mind of a man that he really does not know about until he grabs his pen and starts to write’. In my point of view, such expression represents the inspirational quality of literature.

I ultimately believe that English literature has a very powerful impact. It is equipped with the capability, not just of entertaining, but also to challenge the readers in order to make sure of a deeper understanding of what the world has to offer. The most recent book that stimulated my senses is A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens.

Such comprehensive web of themes, as well as motifs, has inspired me to consider human relations nature, as well as in truly exercising my analysis and techniques. The language aspect of the course that I have been working on has enabled me to cultivate an appreciation of the technical part of writing, which has encouraged my interest towards the field of literature. In the society of our modern world, I believe strongly that it is very important since we, as an international community can represent the ideas and opinions that are interconnected.My interest to apply to this sixth form is to gain good knowledge and your sixth form with a good reputation is definitely a wise choice for me too. I believe with my determination to excel at the academic front will add up to the standards.

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