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Hiroshima University Faculty of Dentistry since 2011 began to implement the International Dental Course program. The purpose of this program is to develop Asia-based global collaboration in dental education and researches. At the first year of the program, three students from sister faculty has been accepted to study for 4 years.

In the second year has received 3 students. Language is key factors of the successfully of the international program.As we know, language is a tool for learning and understanding. Language has a significant effect in the education process and cultural adaptation of the students. In the implementation of the International Dental Course, we developed a Japanese – English dual linguistic education system where all the lectures given in two languages, ?? Japanese and English.

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Using this dual linguistic system is expected the students can receive all course materials provided by the lecturer.Since English is not a mother language for both of the lecturers and students and the other hand Japanese is not mother language for the international students, there is a possible difficulty in delivering the material of lecture. In this study we want to evaluate the dual linguistic education system at Faculty of Dentistry Hiroshima University. The participants in this study were 19 Japanese students and 3 international students, all of them were second grade students. At the end of semester they filled a questionnaire that was design to provide information about the affectivity of dual linguistic program.

The questionnaire including 5 points: 1) Did they prepare themselves before the lecture; 2) could they understand the lecture explanation (Japanese part and English part); 3) could they understand the lecturer`s explanation totally; 4) did they review the lecture much than before and 5) could they finally understand the lecture after preparation, lecture explanation, and review process. The result of this study showed that almost all of the students (95. 5%) prepare themselves before the lecture. Using Japanese, 63. 64% of students could understand the lecture explanation, while 27.27% of them depend on the subject, but almost all of international students did not understand the Japanese explanation.

Furthermore, if the lecture was given in English, 68. 18% of students did not understand the explanation, but in the whole lecture, 63. 64% of students understand the lecturer`s explanation, 22. 73% were depend on the subject.

Almost all the students reviewed the lecture materials; therefore all of them (100%) could understand the contents of the lecture finally. The results confirm the important of dual linguistic education system for international dental course.Preparations before the lecture and review or relearn after the lecture in dual linguistic education are the point for success. Although the students have problem in understand the lecture material because of difficulties with language (Japanese/English), they can they can cover up the problem with the preparations before the lecture and do a review after lecture. The study suggests recommendation for students to improve their skill in Japanese or English language.

Key words: dual linguistic, international dental course, lecture explanation

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