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The relationship of human service organizations and the populations they serve definitely impacts ethical decisions (American.. , 2002). This is simply because the patients of these healthcare institutions are the major factors for decision-making since they are the primary beneficiaries of such ethical decisions (American..

, 2002). That’s why it is very important to make the proper ethical decision in the world of healthcare to make sure that it will benefit the healthcare institution and in a manner that it will also be fair to the patients (American..

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, 2002).What are some ethical dilemmas that occur in health care or human service organizations? Some of the ethical dilemmas that occur in health care or human service organizations are the following: First is the ethical issue of whether or not to stop administering treatment to patients who are believed to have no more chances of getting better (BBC News, 1998).Second is the advantage/s and disadvantage/s of physician assisted suicide or the arguments between those who fight for their rights as patients versus those who fight for their rights as doctors (Fitzgerald, n. d. ). Last but not least is the issue on reduction of costs which is difficult to balance because of the “needs and interests of the individual, the organization and society” (American..

, 2002).Who do you think has the greatest power to solve or prevent these dilemmas: organizational leaders, federal or state bodies, or society as a whole? If it concerns health care dilemmas or the life of a person, then everybody should have a “say” on it, however, those who are inclined in this field should be the ones to lead (American.. , 2002). Organizational leaders like healthcare executives should lead in addressing the increasing number of multi-faceted ethical problems they are faced with (American.. , 2002).

Organizational leaders should also seek for Federal and State assistance “in grouping ethics committee members, in preparing conflict-of-interest statements, in writing policies and procedures, in getting staff ethicists”, in order to help in the decision-making process of organizational leaders like healthcare executives (American.. , 2002). In addition to that, the society being the beneficiaries, patients, or the center of these dilemmas, should also be consulted as well so that everything will be properly considered, reflected upon, and balanced (American.., 2002).References American College of Healthcare Executives. (2002).

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