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He will make it available to you for a price, which is high but which you COUld afford. What would you do? In this case, I choose the letter a answer: tell the janitor thanks, but no thanks.

Since high school, I know myself that I’m not good at cheating in the exam; therefore, this is never a good choice helping me to pass the exam. This situation is a common one. What I would do is making appointments with my instrument and asking him/her for help. For a person who is studying for scholarship, believe that they are responsible for what they are doing.If they want the scholarship, at the beginning of the course, they have to make a study plan. And if they know they are not good at Chemistry or whatever subjects, they will discuss with their instructor to find a solution. Situation 2.

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. You have been working on some financial projections manually for two days now. It seems that each time you think you have them completed your boss shows up with a new assumption or another “what if’ question. If you only had a copy of a spreadsheet software program for your personal computer, you could plug in the new assumptions and revise the estimates with ease.

Then, a colleague offers to let you make a copy of some software that is copyrighted. What would you do? I would decide to go buy a copy of the software myself if the software can be helped to make the task is more propitious and increase the productivity. I would do it. Situation 3. Your small manufacturing company is in serious financial difficulty. A large order four products is ready to be delivered to a key customer when you discover that the product is simply not right.

It will not meet all performance specifications, will cause problems for your customer, and will require rework in the field; however, this, you know, will not become evident until after the customer has received and paid for the order. If you do not ship the order and receive the payment as expected, your business may be forced into bankruptcy. And if you delay the shipment or Inform the customer of these problems, you may lose the order and also go bankrupt. What would you do? For this situation, its really hard to make any decision.If I were in this kind of problem, I would negotiate with the customer to extend the delivery time Then, I would ask the bank for a loan to reproduce the order.

And about the large order of the products which is not right, will find another partner based on my widen relationship in order to sell it. Situation 4. You are the CT founder and president of a new venture, manufacturing products for the recreational market Five months after launching the business, one of your suppliers informs you it can no longer supply you with a critical raw material because you are not a large-quantity user.Without the raw material, the business cannot continue. What would you do? In this case, my solution is making an innovation for my products which he me to boost my sales and to import a larger quantity of goods. Situation 5. You are on a marketing trip for your new venture for the purpose of calling he purchasing agent of a major prospective client. Your company is manufacturing an electronic system that you hope the purchasing agent will buy.

During the course of your conversation, you notice on the cluttered des of the purchasing agent several copies of a cost proposal for a system from one of your direct competitors. This purchasing agent has previously reporter mislaying several of your own company s proposals and has asked for additional copies. The purchasing agent leaves the room momentarily to get you a cup of coffee, leaving you alone with your competitor’s proposals less than an arm’s length away. What would you do? If I were in this case; at first, would sneakily glimpse at these copies in order to see the competitors information.Then, when the man returns, I will ask his permission to see the copy.

By this thing, I can offer more service or requirement; so that I can compete with the other competitors and get the contract with purchasing agent inform the customer of these problems, you may lose the order and also go For this situation, its really hard to make any decision. If were in this kind of problem, would negotiate with the customer to extend the delivery time. Based on my widen relationship in order to sell it. Situation 4. You are the co- recreational market.

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