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Essay on Critical Thinking BY glossco Critical Thinking Critical thinking is a process where one comes to a conclusion by careful thought process.

This is important when trying to come to a decision of any kind. Using critical thinking can help make your choice easier because by thinking things through you are able to make the right choice. When it comes to making everyday choices critical thinking can play a part in that process. By analyzing all your information and determining the pros and cons of your choices helps allow in making the better choice.

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In my personal experience there are numerous times I can think back when critical thinking was used to come to an answer for a question that arose in my department. When it comes to a work environment it is very important when a problem presents itself that critical thinking is involved in finding the solution. This has always helped me when I have had an issue arise and no matter what profession I was in. When I was a regional trainer for the Southwest Region for a major grocery store chain I had to use critical thinking a lot when it came to setting up my lesson lans, approaching the best way to teach a class, and engaging my class.When I first started this position I was very nervous that I would not be great teacher and that I would freeze up and forget what to say. This is where critical thinking helped with coming up with great lesson plans and using feedback and the video tape of my first class.

The reason that is thinking properly can have a great impact on making sure that I was able to perform correctly. I was able to look at the pros and cons of all the material I was using to see what I should keep or change. I looked at the pro and cons f the length I spent on each section to see which parts of my lesson plan should be longer or shorter.What information I should focus on more of because the employee will come into more situations with this material more than the other. I then was able to take feedback from my employees I trained and from employees in the store to come up with key points I focused on at the end of my class. By questioning my employees in the store and in the classroom allowed for me to gain more knowledge and become a better instructor according to “Teaching Critical Thinking” (Be mindful f engaging the entire class),” this is Just one of the few things mentioned in the website.When it comes to the workplace no matter what your profession is critical thinking plays an important part in making sure that problems are addressed with the best solution.

The Angelo (2011) website says, “In the workplace, the application of critical thinking results in better decisions, fewer mistakes and improves the level of collaboration among people. ” Critical thinking has always been beneficial in any workplace I have worked.I know that when people do use critical thinking more ideas nd solutions arise from a person because they open up their thinking and their the problem but the business and helps the business grow and stay profitable. When people do not use critical thinking there tends to be more mistakes made and double work because now rushing into a solution did not help the issue Just make it work. Overall by using your mind and analysing a problem or situation that occurs in the workplace can help with making sure that things are done correctly the first time and that no mistakes are being made.One bad solution can cost a company business and even money which can not only hurt the company but can hurt yourself and co- workers. This is why I always encourage critical thinking when a problem or issue arises and that taking more time to work on a solution is better in the long run than taking short cuts and trying to get it over with. References Angelo, .

(2011). What Critical Thinking is and why it is important in the workplace. Retrieved from http://www. busandman. comnp=18Teaching critical thinking.

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