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I asked myself a lot Of questions.

“DO I have enough Motivation to finish my studying? ‘ I have never left my parents for such a long time before. So I knew that would miss my family members. I was really worried about leaving China so I told my father what was worrying me. After listening to my problems, my father encouraged me to go for it. Finally, I agreed with my father and decided to study abroad. After two months of preparation, I finally left China.

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Before I had left, thought that would be fine and everything would be okay, because I knew am independent enough to be on my own.When had to go through security check, my mother started crying. It made me realize I was really leaving my parents. Looking at her made me cry too.

When sat in the plane, I cried and cried, because I felt afraid. Have never been away from my family. When arrived in the LISA, got homesick. When I face-timed with my parents, I wanted to go back home because I missed them very much. But my father told me that needed to be independent and that studying in America would be a good thing for me and my future. He also said that one day, will need to leave my parents and I will live alone. The first week I was in America, I was always sad.After the first week, I went to college.

Learned a lot in class. I have a goal that I need to reach in order to achieve my dream. I wanted to transfer to my dream school and change my major to medicine. I miss my parents and think about them all the time, but I won’t cry, because studying in the USA makes my life more meaningful.

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