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escribe the living conditions as they are presented in the first chapter. What does this tell you about society?The society gets controlled the whole time, “Big Brother is watching you”. The state, the totalitarian regime, disposes of many tecnological gadgets, e.g. the telescreen, with which they control everybody and everything. The telescreen records what the the people say and do. There is also the Thought police, which arrests you at night if you’ve committed Thoughtcrime.

You have to think what the regime tells you. Every day there’s the Two Minutes Hate. Everybody has to participate and to react in the right way. Otherwise it’s Facecrime and you get also arrested. The language was changed into Newspeak, which means that some words were eliminated. The regime has also helicopters for better control.

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Society has no influence. I don’t even know if you can talk about society in this state, because you have no “life”. You get controlled the whole time and couldn’t think about something without being afraid. How can you meet friends or talk with other people if you are not allowed to say what you think? The regime personalizes the state and the people, the society, are only their puppets.

Explain why you think that Winston’s diary is important.Winston’s diary is important, because there he can write what he thinks. The whole day he has to follow the regime and when he can finally write in his diary in the evening he can let out his emotions and stop being afraid. Of course it’s dangerous writing the diary, but Winston thinks this way and the Thought Police will catch him anyway. I think if he couldn’t write the diary, if he hasn’t got the opportunity to do it, he would get crazy. The diary could also get more important later in the book, because somebody finds it. Winston writing his diary (film “1984”)                                           Winston’s diary (film “1984”)Describe the “Two Minutes Hate”.

In which ways do people react to the “Hate” (give an example)? Does Winston appear to react differently to other people (example)?The Two Minutes Hate is held every morning at the Records Department and everybody has to join it. They sit in front of a big Telescreen and have to watch a video in which Goldstein abuses Big Brother and misstates the regime. The audience have to get furious and react in the appropriate way, e.g.

clomp with their feet, control the face, do what everyone else does. At the end of the Hate the face of Big Brother and the three slogans of the Party appear. Then everybody has to “pray” (like a mantra) and they get into kind of trance (self-hypnosis). While everybody spoke the mantra Winston was filled with horror.

He did what everybody else was doing, but there were a couple of seconds in which he lost his control and his eyes might betrayed him. Winston thinks in a different way and it’s difficult for him to hide it.

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