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A vehicle for any person to permanently leave their home country and/or territory. EASIES does not encourage the extension of internships beyond agreed upon limits.

EASIES ‘s Roles & Responsibility 1 . Responsibilities of the Sending Local Committee Organism a Student Review Board and ensure that every PEP participating in an internship passes. (Glop ONLY) Assist PEP in filling in the required forms and entering them in Mysteries.

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Net. Assist PEP in finding a match on M yeses. Net. If after one month, no match has been found, proactively look for alternative nearness to find a match.

Inform and advise the PEP about other available opportunities, and support PEP in determining other options.Prepare the PEP for the internship experience according to the definition of adequate reparation in the International Exchange Quality Policies and Standards (QUIPS). Advise and assist PEP in acquiring the required documentation and legal papers (I.

E. Work permit, visa, residence permit, insurance and other requirements). Maintain communication with the PEP throughout the duration of the internship. Prepare opportunities for re-integration of the PEP upon return from his/her internship as per the definition of adequate re-integration in the QUIPS. Conduct expectation setting with the PEP before internship, and evaluation/ measurement during and after the internship 2.Responsibilities of the Hosting Local Committee Assist the company/organization in completing the appropriate forms. Enter the company/organization forms in Mysteries.

Net. Try to match the form in Mysteries. Net. If after one month, no match has been found, Maintain continuous communication with the company/organization to inform them about the status of their form. Inform the company/organization about a match once it has been made. Collect relevant information about the PEP and present it to the company/organization. Get an acceptance note/letter from the company/organization stating the terms of the internship (salary or compensation, working hours, dates of internship, Job ascription).

Provide all the necessary information to the incoming PEP about visa, insurance, work permit and all Exchange Participant Contract – EASIES in Karachi 2013-2014 Approved by Vice President Outgoing Exchange e: Kafka Razz PEP Initials: other legal requirements. Organism events that involve the PEP and local people in cultural learning. Give the PEP advice and access to Chaise’s network when organizing cultural nights, sight seeing trips or other social events.

Facilitate the first steps in community involvement and related activities. Give initial assistance in establishing and orienting the PEP upon arrival for his/her internship accommodation, bank account, first day at work, local transportation, grocery shopping, etc. ).

Provide assistance and support to the PEP when he/she has problems Walt ten company/organization or any toner aspect AT Nils/nerd Internship. Provide assistance in ensuring that the internship maximizes its potential for cultural learning and community involvement. 3. Responsibilities of the Company/Organization Provide a detailed Job description. Provide work experience between 6 and 78 weeks.

Provide an experience during the internship that allows the PEP to enhance their academic learning. Provide adequate working conditions, salary, orientation, audience, training, etc. For the PEP to achieve the objectives agreed upon.

Ensure the PEP performs the Job stated on the Internship Form unless otherwise agreed upon.Give the PEP feedback on his/her performance during and after the internship to enable the PEP to learn and improve through the experience. 4.

Responsibilities of the Exchange Participant Be as cooperative with the LLC (EASIES KARACHI) as possible. Complete and enter the PEP form in Mysteries. Net. PEP should be flexible to increase their immutability. Have written proof of the academic background and working experience specified on he PEP forms. Go through a language test for any languages with proficiency level “good ” or “excellent “. Have written proof of the language level(s) specified on the PEP forms. Participate in and pass a Student Review Board organized by the sending Local Committees.

Complete Exchange Participant payment as outlined in Financial policies Attend preparation events and complete the preparation requirements of the sending country and territory according to the preparation standards in the QUIPS. At least once a week contact your EASIES Local Committee and inform them of matching progress Acquire he necessary legal documents to participate in an internship in the foreign country (visa, insurance, working permit and other required documents). The PEP shall incur all expenses. Incur all expenses related to transportation to the host country and territory. Maintain communication with the sending and hosting Local Committees throughout the internship. Complete and submit an internship evaluation/ measurement form before, during and after the internship and a report at the end of the internship.

Integrate himself/herself in the sending and hosting Local Committee activities. Inform the sending Local and/or Member Committee if he/she becomes unavailable for a internship, or if he/she is looking into other opportunities. Leave contact information with the sending Local Committee so that an EASIES representative can contact him/her when a match occurs. Re-evaluate the options specified on his/her forms if he/she is not matched after several attempts. Ensure that he/she is acquiring adequate insurance, medical certifications, working & residence permits, and flight arrangements for the internship. Have enough money to cover his/her living expenses for the first few weeks of the internship.Ensure that he/she has a return ticket to his/her home.

Prepare to glee presentations tout Nils/nerd country Ana culture to company/ organization employees, EASIES members, and other audiences. Take a proactive and independent role in getting involved in the community and in other activities outside the internship. Give input to the sending and hosting Local and/or Member Committees about future internship opportunities with the company/organization he/she is working for to provide similar opportunities to other Peps in the future. Give EASIES feedback about the internship experience and how such exchanges loud be improved in the future return and then claiming Security Deposit.

5.Responsibilities of the Member Committee If the country and territory has monitored access, the MAC is responsible for ensuring that the PEP is reviewed and put on available within one week if the student meets all quality standards. Ensure that all the Local Committees are implementing and following the International Exchange Policies and Quality Standards and other policies that the Member Committee has developed specifically for their country and territory. Ensure that all Local Committees are running exchanges. Take concrete actions when a problem has come up and solve it as soon as possible. Ensure Local Committees make correct use of Exchange Quality Board mailing list. Provide all the necessary systems and tool for Local Committees to run exchange. 6.

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