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List two key environmental issues for each of the following regions: the elderliness, the agricultural middle, the forested West, the dry West, the Great Lakes and industrial Northeast, and the South. How are the issues changing? 4. Define environment and ecosystem and provide examples of these terms from your region. 5. Describe how environmental conflicts are resolved. 6. Select a local environmental issue and write a short essay presenting all sides of the question, Is there a solution to this problem?

Answer 1

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One of the reasons that finding solutions to environmental problems is so official is that since there are so many Of them, a lot Of things that we do to help one just negatively affects another. For an example where we want to put in a solar energy field in order to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels. This requires us to either clear an area of land (affecting the problem with deforestation and habitat loss) or find a large open field (which could have been used for another purpose and negatively affects its ecosystem).

There are just so many problems and solutions, but there aren’t enough resources o perform them, or we are hurting another area by solving one problem. 2. An ecosystem approach typically involves understanding the interrelationship between different aspects of an ecosystem, and how what may seem like a solution to one problem could likely be detrimental to other aspects. In short, it involves taking into answer of all affected aspects of the ecosystem, and hopefully finding a solution that does not negatively effect any individual aspect, or at least has as little a negative effect as possible.

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