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Environmental hazards consist of cultural, biological, physical, and chemical hazards (Wright, Bores, 2014). With a wide array of other hazards in each category there is plenty to choose from and makes one wonder why we continue to survive among so many potential hazards. Will be focusing on one type of hazard from each category to show what threats there are and a way to combat the threat. One example of a cultural hazard is smoking which accounts for over 400,000 deaths each year (Wright, Bores, 2014).

Since smoking is a choice you have control over using it or not. As we progress in life and realize that mom choices like smoking, affect more than just the smoker. Laws have come into play to limit the access to cigarettes for minors as well as where you are able to smoke. The website no-smoke.

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Org offers detailed information on laws, bands, and regulations in place to help lower and hopefully eliminate smoking hazards in the future. While smoking is always a choice some hazard such as biological cannot always be avoided.As technology progresses we are better equipped to deal with bacteria and viruses. In spite of these advances in medicine and technology, “pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoan, and worms intention to plague every society’ (Wright, Bores, 2014). One such problem responsible for over 3 million deaths in 2008 alone is acute respiratory infections,” (Wright, Bores, 2014) according to Christine Admiral and Matthew Solar ‘the immune system of children and older adults are more at risk of getting an acute respiratory infection” (Tamari ; Solar, 2012).They continue to say that most infections are not treatable, but prevention in the form of hand washing, covering your sneezes in your arm or tissue, and avoiding touching your face can be beneficial (Tamari ; Solar, 2012).

Some environmental hazards can’t be controlled or prevented and the best example of that comes in the form of physical hazards. Such hazards come in the form of ‘natural disasters’ including: hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, forest fires, earthquakes, landslides, and volcanic eruptions (Wright, Bores 2014).The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers information on how to survive and deal with all the potential natural disasters (Centers for Disease Control, 2013). While they can’t be avoided you are better off trying to find a location that is not prone to natural disasters, but anything is possible with the world we live in.

Ye skimmed over articles in the past of flood suddenly happening where they haven’t been in decades.

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