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A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these new influences on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position. Building a large factory near my community obtains both negative and positive influences to the society. I believe it is a great idea to have a large factory to some extent. There are several compelling reasons for this. The advantage of building a large factory’ is that it leads to an increase in employment and new residents coming from other area.

According to an increase in the population, the number of shops and schools will Increase. If an infrastructure improved, the economy of the region will develop dramatically. For example, some companies play a significant role in my hometown. These companies contribute to an increase in population and it affects many aspects of people’s life. People spend more money within the local area and the council provides better living opportunity by using the tax. Furthermore, the community spirit is more motivated as well as the economy improvement.

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This is because the city council will be able to capable to roved better community supports and to enhance the support system for people living in the society. The primary advantage is that the factory brings much money to the community. We can use it for our community. Concretely, we can solve a welfare problem. Especially, Japan has faced on a problem that the ratio of old people increases. It is hard to solve the problem, but we have to conquer it. By getting money from the factory, we can build new facilities for old people. The factory will give good influence on our community.

As a result, new schools, hospitals and children organizations may be built. Building a large factory may make people’s life better in my community. Along with the establishment of the new factory there will be many new requirements. For example, restaurants are necessary because the workers need to have lunch at noon. Therefore, the appearance of this large factory will stimulate to boom some other industries, such as transportation, entertainment, and food service industry, around the factory in the community. As more and more people migrate and join this company there is always a scope in hospitality industry too.

So many new hotels, restaurant, hopping malls, cinema theatres can be build up which will contribute to overall economic development of the area. If due to these factors the area becomes a known spot then there are a lot of scope that some new trains might be introduced on that route or a new small airport might get created. This will help the local people to get connected with the lifestyle of big cities or urban areas. Also there would be an ease of access to a lot of commodities which are not easily available in the local region. A lot of problems related to water & electricity issues will get sorted due to the factory coming in.

However, some people disagree with this procedure. These people often think that a participation of a big company may leads to unpleasant consequence such as air and water pollution. Air pollution can be elaborated as the harmful gases released by chemical plants, factories, automobiles, etc. Which leads to a lot of lung & respiratory disorders & can make a person sick, whereas water pollution refers to the harmful chemical which comes into contact with clear water & gets contaminated which causes water-borne disease. Some people who live near the factory may be disturbed their lives y noise from the factory.

In addition, there is a safety issue which influences the residents’ lives. As a result of this, the amount of traffic congestion will increase, as well as contamination of the air. An increase in traffic by a number of tracks may cause car accidents. So, all these obviously will not make our life happier and healthier in my community. The amount of crime may increase by variety Of people who do not know each other. After a long day at work it will make it nearly impossible to relax. Not only that but also inconvenient to walk to the park and enjoy a peaceful moment or even take a AP during the day..

A large factory might provoke acid rains. Acid rains may increase the acidity of soil and water and as a result harmed crops and trees which is one of the major issues. Everything coming from the ground means all the crops would even get contaminated or decayed & the whole vegetation area would shortly get converted into an infertile land which will again add to shortage of food items as our country’s population is already much more than the crops grown and every day thousands of people suffer with hunger which has increased the cases of malnutrition in our country.

Also acid rains erode buildings. Hence, people need extra money to repair their homes. In conclusion, because the advantages that the large factory will bring us to develop our community are more important than the disadvantages it will impact on our society, I prefer to vote for the company’s announcement. It is assumed that although there are some negative aspects of building a new factory, an effort of both company and city council can solve problems.

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