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This paper will discuss the psychological and social factors, such as motives, perception, attitudes, personality, family, social class, and reference group that influence consumer behavior toward a product or service. It is important for marketers to develop an effective marketing message, understand and know how to apply this knowledge of consumer psychology to create and develop an effective marketing of its products and services.

Consumer behavior consists of the psychological and social processes people undergo in the acquisition, use and disposal of products such automobiles, services for professional laundry, ideas for example spiritual beliefs and practices such as regular breast self-examinations. Sometimes consumer behavior is studied from the point of view of a marketer, whereby focus is on a particular brand such as Moved wristwatches and how to get people to buy it. More often academic researchers study consumer behavior from the point of view of applied or even basic behavioral and social sciences.

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Emphasis here is on understanding and explaining why people buy what they do and how interpersonal and socially they go about doing this . Market research is needed to gain information on what the consumers wants, likes, and needs are and not what the marketer assumes the consumer will want, like, or need. There are two forms of marketing research Primary and Secondary research methods; Secondary research is information that has already been gathered by others.

Primary research is information that the marketer gathers by using techniques such as mail questionnaires, phone surveys, observation, and focus groups to learn more about consumers and customers. It is important for the marketer to understand consumer habits, knowledge of these habits, spending habits, and thought processes help marketers understand how to best market to their target audience for both current and new customers (Pepper, 2010).

Growing up we become accustomed to certain ways of living and what are needs and Wants are based on culture, social status, attitude, family influences, and the age of an individual. In the end we become a product of our own environment and our actions, as children the environment we live in is controlled by parents, adults in charge, school cheers, and others that are of authority in our life as children and we become adults our wants and needs are determined by personal circumstances. What society sees as valuable will influence its behavior and will determine what we see as wants and needs in our life.

When marketing a product the marketer will want know these wants and needs and what drive the consumer to choose their item over the competitor. Determining what product does society need and is it a need as much as a want in life, home entertainment is something that is in every home and is a growing market from HAD Television to home surrounds systems to cable or satellite television. In today’s world the information that is received from Political, social, and cultural information is received from television, internet, radio, and cell phones.

The need to have the best television service whether it is cable television or satellite television these service providers compete for the consumers business b offering the best service over the competitor for a lower rate. Each household’s member may have different interest or interest that may be similar, age is also a factor. Satellite and cable companies will offer the consumer a package that will best suit their needs with internet, phone service (if needed), and vast variety Of television channels.

By using this marketing approach it provides the consumer with all the information on the services and billing cost. Cost for services will depend on what package the consumer will choose, the options that will come with the selected package such as channels, internet speed, and phones service local and long distance. What drives the consumer to make decisions based on marketing techniques and how do these providers keep the consumer interested and loyal? Home entertainment is always innovated and redeveloped and it seems as each year passes the current year is more advanced than the previous year.

Consumers want what will best suit their needs and that is the fastest internet, best satellite or cable network, with tech oenology advancing each year the consumer will always want what is better and more advanced. Companies need to constantly have updated information from each household on political, social, and cultural issues that drive the consumer to home entertainment services and devices. The need to belong to a certain culture, social support, and a political ay of thinking, satellite, cable, internet, or phone service is easily marketable in today’s society.

Staying competitive and a head of the market may be one thing that can hinder service providers from staying ahead of the competition. Psychological and social factors regarding the desire for these needs give marketers the lead in providing these needs. There will always be a need for home entertainment and these providers will continue to get their products in the homes of consumers as long as the consumer continues to show an interest in their product. These companies (satellite and cable companies)

Offer the ability to provide different services that allows the consumer customize and select their own form of entertainment to best suit their needs, wants, or desires. This is a great form of entertainment and information for consumers, each household has the ability to entertaining their self With their particular interest. The significant role of direct experience in consumers’ learning processes has been attributed to marketing communications that create expectations which shape the way consumers subsequently learn from those experiences.

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