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The values of society is driven by a behavior. It is the question of what must we have and what do we really need? In doing a survey to and analyzing it a marketer can see who they need to market and sell their product too based on the information gathered. It seem that every person today is in need of a cell phone, at smartened at that, and the never ending innovations in the development of these products. Is a smartened necessary to have, or is it simply just a want of the consumer? If we look backrest about 20 years ago there was no need for ouch a device.

Cell phones were just coming around, and now look where we are. It seems that every person you come across has a smartened, or even just a cell phone. Rain (2013) “For the first time, the Pew Research Center’s Internet ; American Life Project has found that cell phone ownership among adults has exceeded 90%. Cell phones are now being used by 91% of adults, according to the survey conducted between April 1 7 and May 1 9 of 2,252 adults” (Para. 1). You will even find that most people cannot live without their cell phones.

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According to Perch (2008) “Americans for the first time picked cell phones as the technology they can least go without. In today’s wireless world, living without a cell phone is like living on a desert island. And losing one is like being suddenly cast away from society” (Para. 6). Society today is driven by these types of products. Social, ecological, and technological information is working all the time on these devices. With cell phones being, what seem to be, an addiction to most, the cell phone companies compete to provide the best service at the lowest price Seibel for consumers.

With most people over the age of 12 on a household having a cell phone, they all require different needs based on age on their own personal interest. Cell phone providers offer many different packages to choose from to meet all these specific needs. With the different options that are made available we can see how society will act when purchasing this product and service. When I comes to marketing the providers need to know what is required in order to make services that will meet the needs of all the consumers within one household.

The amount of money it will cost for a household will depend on what is needed of each device be it internet, text messaging, talk minutes and data. They provider then has to decide if they should package this this to make a better deal, or if it should be all individual to meet the needs. Marking with in cell phone providers never seems to fail when it comes to having the best product and service on the market. The redesign and development of new products and services is what drive a customer to upgrade when their contract is up. They are always in the need for the sweets and best product that there is on the market.

Society views the cell phone as a handheld device that can be used for pretty much anything. When it comes to having information on social, ecological, and technological information consumers want that in their product. The influence of these external factors can affect the consumers behavior. Socially consumers want what everyone else has. For example a teenager sees that their friends have the top of the line phone, now they feel that they need to get it too. Ecologically speaking parent of the teenage consumers deed to save as much money as they can so that they all have their needs met.

And finally the other external factor would be technological, technology drive our society and without the advancements, consumers would not be willing to spend money. If technology is not getting better at every upgrade what is the point in getting something new? Marketing cell phones in today’s society in not a difficult task, the products seem to sell themselves. The only thing they need to be looking at is their pricing. Are they keeping it competitive with other providers, and are they meeting the needs of their customer?

If they are no priced well, a consumer would likely seek a different provider to get the best services for their money. Cell phone providers have no issues getting their services into every household as long as society continues to show a high demand for the products and services that they offset. Cell phone providers provide a wide variety of products and services that allow the consumer to customize their own experience. Being that this type of product give society their daily entertainment as well as having all the information they will ever need in only en tiny devise they also get the convenience of having it all.

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