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Environmental and Consumer Influences Analysis SYS/322 September 2, 201 3 Mary-Lynn Anent Consumer purchasing decisions are based on many factors. There are psychological and social factors that play huge roles in a consumer picking certain products or services to purchase for their personal use. There are also many external factors that play a role such as political, legal, ecological, cultural, technological, and business ethics. Most of these factors are considered by an individual when purchasing and birth control a product that lot of these various influences will affect a consumers decision whether or not to use it.

Birth control has been a topic that has been the source of many debates over the past several years. By understanding the psychological and social factors that are involved with this product will help to explain why it has been a sensitive topic for so many people. The perception of birth control is that it encourages sexual relations prior to marriage. Most parents do not agree with the idea of giving their teenage daughters birth control because they believe it enables them to have sex. In reality, teenagers are going to do what they want whether or not they are given birth control.

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This product’s main purpose is to be a preventative for pregnancy but it also has many other uses. Birth control is used to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle, reduce acne, reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, and a preventative for ovarian cyst formation (Whimper, 2012). It is also used for controlling endometriosis, which is a condition where tissue from the uterus grows in other areas of the body, such as ovaries, bowel or bladder (Whimper, 2012). There are various titivation that influence the female consumer group to purchase this product. A lot of females especially young females worry about the idea of having a baby too young.

They worry about what society will think and they worry about the disappointment they will see in their parents eyes. Birth control is a product that helps to prevent this from happening, but only if you use it correctly. Understanding the risk and rewards with the product is a crucial part for a consumer’s decision whether or not to use it. However, there are many risks With any type of medication. The benefits for a female who IS sexually active and not looking to have a baby at the time is a huge motivation for this consumer group. The female consumer group has an attitude of the right to choose if they want to use birth control or not.

Close to two-thirds of women are in favor of making birth control pills an over the counter medication (Pitman, 2013). Most women do not want to go into a store to buy the other products that are used to prevent pregnancy. Some of these items are male condoms, female condoms, the morning after pill, and many other products that they find embarrassing to purchase (Pitman, 2013). They also feel that if they were able to get the pill over the counter then it would be more convenient, save time and money, and it would prevent unintended pregnancies (Pitman, 2013).

External factors play a big role by affecting the way consumers purchase certain products. Various external factors like political, cultural, and social settings can have a big impact on the female consumer’s choice to use birth control or not. In recent years there has been a lot of political debate about the use of birth control. The most recent debate is about the Blunt Amendment, which states that employers would have the right to refuse to provide contraception to women if they said doing so would violate their conscience Or religious beliefs (Bassett, 2012).

Women’s rights are being played on both the republican and democratic sides of the political arena (Cull-Resellers, 2013). The Republicans have been against it because they are saying that it is impeding on women’s religious freedom (Bassett, 2012). On the other hand, President Beam’s healthcare program allows women to have affordable access to contraceptive health care (Cull-Resellers, 2013). Women are no longer charged a co-pay for he wide range of preventative service, which include birth control.

President Beam’s goal with this provision is to reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies and also to reduce the number of abortions (Cull-Resellers, 2013). Culture values are an increasingly larger external factor in influencing consumers. There have been many advertising campaigns that boast American-made or sweatshop-free products are a common example. Certain cultures and their customs do not believe in birth control. Catholicism is a religion that involves many cultures that do not condone birth control cause they feel it is against what God intended.

They believe that birth control goes against the “natural law’, which is the design that God built into the human race (Stacey, 2012). According to the Catholicism, the natural law purpose of sex is procreation. They feel that any type of birth control is a sin and the church does not approve of it. The only thing that is approved by the church is abstinence (Stacey, 2012). This culture affects the way many females feel towards birth control. Social norms are a prominent external factor influencing consumer behavior.

Brand names or even new trends affects the way a consumer will shop. There are many different brands and methods to use birth control. There are pills, patches, shots, and some that are made to be inserted in the vagina to prevent sperm penetration. Some are more expensive than others so depending on what social class you are in is most likely what they would opt for. Trends can also play a big part on what a female consumer would choose in a social setting. She would pick what seems to be the most popular with her friends or she could be influenced by her family.

In conclusion, there are many internal and external factors that can influence the way a consumer decides to use or not use certain products. Consumers must also take into account the social and psychological factors that influence them to purchase or not purchase certain products or services. People need to do the research on the product or service they are interested in using and not rely on certain factors to persuade or influence them to use it. They need to learn to make an informative decision based on their needs and wants versus being persuaded by other people.

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