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Moon Committee set up to review the project, came out with a recommendation to scrap it With 40 per cent of its so-called surplus power being supplied to other parts and many villages of Kraal waiting to be electrified, this grassroots movement became the bedrock of Indian environmental activism (India Today, August 2003). 3. RESCUE MISSION Jungle Bach Nodal, sass “Most states exist in the bliss of ignorance,” observed India Today in March 1982. It was this observation that led to the birth of the Jungle Bach Nodal, that began in Briar and later spread to states like Shorthand and Arioso.The trials of Ginghams district of Briar bubbled up a protest when the government decided to replace the natural Sal forests with high Ii-priced teak, a move that was termed “a greed game, political populism”. 4. REAPING A CHANGE Anybody Movement, 1982 Whether it’s about empowering women or anti-globalization campaigns,environmental activist Vandal Shiva has always had an upper hand in her fights against the authorities. Her experimentations instated a farming system centered on engaging women,changing the current system.

She founded Anybody in 1982, an organization promoting biodiversity conservation and organic farming. The organization has not only helped create markets for farmers, but also promoted quality food for consumers, connecting the seed to the cooked food. Development Alternatives, 1983 Labeled The Green Doer (India Today, December 2002), Shook Shoal empowered people by creating jobs. Through Development Alternatives, an MONGO that he found in 1 983, he began work towards financial, social and environmental sustainability at the grassroots level.

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Over the years, his 15 environmentally-sound and commercially-viable technologies have generated more than three lake jobs across India. 6. HIGH TIDE Miranda Bach Nodal, 1 985 Media Patter Miranda Bach Nodal announced the arrival of the India Greens, protesting against destructive development. “One of the largest and most successful environmental campaigns, Miranda Bach Nodal began with a wide developmental agenda, questioning the very rationale of large dam projects in India” (India Today, December 2007).

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