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You can download textbooks, which inspiring and helpful not only for monasteries and Buddhist centers, but also fortitude’s practitioners and non-Buddhists worldwide. I’d like to mention some things you will find in this booklet about what we can do to protect our environment from destruction: Environmental protection starts with us. We need to look at our own behavior to consider how we can support a healthy environment for this century and beyond. To start, we can do aspirations prayers and meditations to increase awareness of this topic.

Geese Doubted Gnawing wrote a lovely meditation with aspirations prayers for our environment and her inhabitants. Doing this meditation is more powerful after you watch The Story of Stuffing understand how the system Of consumption works and the detrimental effects it has on ourselves, others, and the planet. Everyday, we can be mindful of how much electricity, water, plastic, or other materials we use and how much garbage we produce. For example, we can turn off the tap when brushing our teeth or fill the sink to wash our dishes instead of letting eater run.

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We can have short showers, flush the toilet only when necessary, do the laundry only when we have a full load. Instead of using paper bags when going to the grocery store and plastic bags at other shops, we can take reusable cloth bags with us to carry things.

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