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A managers basic responsibility to guide its employees in the performance Of work activities to achieve the desired Outcome. These include; planning, organization, leading, and controlling -Planning: Requires a roadman of the direction the manager will use to accomplish the goals and objective of the organization for example. The Taylor Ambulance company will need to plan on the method the organization will use to ensure a smooth transition from paper to electron ICC database.

Organization: After assessing the area of need, the manager may decide to put into effect certain arterial such as staffing, training and developing employees, and the involvement of human resources to accomplish the goal. For example place -Leading: An effective manager requires more than just planning and organization, he or she needs to lead effectively to achieve the objective. This involves influencing communication, guiding encouraging its subordinates. It means being a coach, and help to problem. Controlling: After the above functions have been put in place, the manager will evaluate, to see that it is achievable or will have to make any changes. He or she will have to be contain Lully evaluating to ensure that the plans remain on tract until successful completion of the goal and objective(Functions of a Manager, n. D. ).

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Managers skill involves; A manager requires certain skill to competently achieve his or her objective, namely, analytic skill, financial skills, technical skill, decision-making skills, and project management skills. -Interpersonal skills; the ability to communication and collaboration with his or her staff. The ability to inception and think analytically; critical thinking so as to competently make informed decision: -Technical skills: The ability to demonstrate Competency in the required technical skills area -Decision making skills: Ability to effectively problem solves financial skills, and efficiency in projective management to achieve the goal and objective of the organization (American Management Association, n. D. ). Three types of leadership skills There are three types Of leadership identified, this includes; Autocratic, Democratic, and Lassies-Fairer.

Autocratic (Authoritarian): Gives specific instruction, mostly done independently without any group or leader participation. Researcher found that this group was less creative in decision making, and viewed as coerced, controlling, and manipulative. -Democratic (Participative): Leaders and group members were part of the decision-making process: This style is considered more effective, and this allows more brain storming of ideas, and everyone felt valued, more group participation, high productivity and better customer satisfaction.Lassies-Fairer (Free-Rein): Decision-making was left up to the group members. There was no order or specific of purpose.

This was often lead to poor decision making confusion and least effective (Linen’s Leadership Style, n. D. ).

With effective leadership style such as democratic and wise decision-making management the Taylor ambulance company will help the subordinate transition to a smooth process from paper to electronic data base. This will lead to increase productivity, job satisfaction, time saving, cost effectiveness and increase customer distractions.

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