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This incident could result in terrible consequences like wiping out the wide life and destroying the indigenous community that depends on the environment to survive. The hazardous effect Of the spillage, if proper plans are not made to curtail it would be very enormous. Personal Commentary Langford(2004) , highlights the importance of managing uncertainty that are inherent in most projects or activities, pointing out that simply focusing on a projects success without having a backup plan for these uncertainties for instance, health safety and environmental risk, could be very disastrous.

Most activities of human beings results in the production of abundant waste which are biological, chemical, radioactive, and nuclear or oil and they give rise to two major problems. The first is the process of producing these waste and the other, outperform of proper disposal, to make sure that it reduces the negative impact on the environment, taking into cognizance health and safety( Banister, 1997).

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Oil spillage and leakage is a major issue bothering on the transportation of oil across oceans, the sighting of coastal refineries, deep waterspouts, oil terminals and even offshore lands for exploration and placement, thus the use of risk assessment to estimate the possibility of damage that could occur in the process and it’s likely impact on the immediate environment, including the health and safety of the living population, including plants, humans and animals in the area (land or sea) (Ward and Chapman,2003).

In assessing oil spill risk, there are three main methods, they include the intuitive, empirical, and simulation methods. When using the intuitive method, the information’s that are relevant to the risk are pulled together and an intuitive judgment is passed, but the empirical method, makes use of past data analysis while the simulation method makes use of models(physical or computer models) representing the process underlying the risk. The connection between human health and safety and environmental degradation is said to be intense.

These risk are as a result of the various actions of groups or individual in the society. The decisions, behavior and activities they involve in are affected by the environment and the management Of environmental issues (Banister, 1997). The issue of health and safety is one of the paramount function of managing sis and it evolved from the increasing concerns in the level of industrial accidents and the introduction of the laws bothering on safety.

However, the following steps should be adopted to ensure proper risk management in this senior: ; Risk identification and assessment ; Put policies in place to manage the risk ; Monitor the risk ; Introduce test and control plans Most importantly, those who are most likely to be affected(workers and crew, local residents around the area where the spillage is likely to spread to, and the wild life ) by the risk should be put into consideration.

Ultimately, the question of potential health effects and the impact of toxicity of pollutants then arises. Suspicion of Possible Hazard: its known that certain substances are dangerous and harmful to humans, wildlife and even plants, thus this spillage could result in a very disastrous situation. Possibility of an Accident Occurring: in solving this, the question of if the risk is purely theoretical (possibility of it happening) or is it just a mere suspicion that the risk could happen needs to be addressed.

In this scenario, it has been established that he risk does exist so what needs to be done is to make frantic effort to limit/ minimize the impact (Pigeon et al. 2003). Proof of Damage: This is to ascertain the cause of the damage and to measure the extent of damage that would or has occurred. In this case, the cause of the damage has been identified but efforts are being made to limit the extent to which the damage would go.

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