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Nowadays the environmental protection became one of the main problems. Due to the development of technical knowledge , we are using more and more natural and synthetically materials. Often we want only to make our life easier, but we don’t think of the following consequence. Also we can find one fridge in a flat, but the result of these can be the ozone layer depletion and the increase of the average temperature into he whole world. Our loving for the comfortable life causes pollution and destroyed our health.

Into he city the children can’t play in the parks because they are very dirty. Some Of these are full Of vast. Connected with the development Of production we forget the danger of running out of the sources. However in technical way we could filter these dangerous poison gases. In the agriculture we use too much certificate fertilizers that we eat with our narration and animals do these too. Animal food include numerous poisons that get into our body. We recognize these bad effects only some years later. Not only the continents but the seas and oceans hide some kiss for the environment in themselves.

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More and more tankers transport oil and natural gas from one continent to the other one and meanwhile it can spring a leak ( to spring a leak – lget kappa a hajj¶) and their content covers the surface of the water. Fish can’t get enough exigent and the wings of birds become vested with oil, and therefore they can not fly. People destroy the rain-forests because of profit and they don’t deal with new plantations. We could list such examples for a long time, but the responsibility of people would be the most important.

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