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Pollution of our surroundings or environment is a major problem of the day it is making our surroundings unworthy of living . One of the biggest sources of air pollution is the ever in creasing number of motor vehicles . The smoke that is emitted from these vehicles as also from the factories and industries pollutes the air and causes diseases . The introduction of CNN -run vehicles to replace the diesel -run vehicles in many of the metropolitan cities ,and relocation of polluting unit outside the city limits are welcome signs water is contaminated by letting all the rubbish into the rivers and seas . Ere are huge factories and the waste generated from these factories flows down to rivers and seas .

This is how water gets polluted . Oil also polluted water . As a result people who consume the fish caught from such polluted water are afflicted with various diseases . Preventing water polluted is very essential . No dirty substance should be allowed to be thrown into rivers . Effluents from factories and drains must be properly treated before letting them into the river . The waste products can be sent through a proper drainage system . The waste products of the industries and factories can be recycled and made use of in various ways .

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Noise from factories ,mills and that caused at the time of marriages and festivals also causes noise polluted which in turn causes diseases . Noise polluted can be reduced by regulating the factories properly . Such factories should be away from thickly populated areas . Motor vehicles should be made in such away as not to make too much noise. People should be instructed not to make much noise at the time of festivals and marriages. In this connection deforestation is a major factor that damages the ecological balance .

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