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Emily Walker ENG2D1-10 May 12, 2013 Brains over Brawns in The Odyssey Rupcic The question “brawns or brains? ” is a question many people still do not know the answer too. Odysseus demonstrates how brains is better than brawns in The Odyssey when he defeats the Cyclops, defeats the suitors and defeats Troy. Odysseus proves to us that intelligence is a superior quality to strength. Brain’s is a greater quality then brawns and Odysseus shows us that throughout the novel. In the graphic novel, Odysseus outsmarts the giant Cyclops, Polyphemus.

When the Cyclops ad Odysseus and his men trapped in the cave with him and the other Cyclops, Odysseus knew he would not be able to move the stone that was blocking the cave entrance by himself if they killed Polyhemus, knowing that, Odysseus immediately knew he had to trick the Cyclops into moving the stone so him and his men could escape. Odysseus then makes a plan; he needs to get the Cyclops drunk. Odysseus decides to bring him a drink offering and says “Cyclops??”you have been eating a great deal of mans flesh. Take this wine I brought… ” (Roy Thomas, 57). After getting Polyhemus drunk, Odysseus tells him that his name is ‘Noman’.

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While the Cyclops is passed out, Odysseus and his comrades stab Polyhemus in his eye. When he screams in pain but when the other Cyclops ask what is wrong Polyhemus yells “Noman is trying to kill me! ” (Roy Thomas, 61). When the Cyclops goes to let his sheep out the next day Odysseus and his men tie themselves to the stomach of the sheep’s being able to escape the Cyclops cave. Odysseus knew him and his men would be unable to defeat the Cyclops in a fght, so he used his brains to outsmart the Cyclops by bserving his habits and working around them, this shows that brains was greater than brawns in this situation.

When Odysseus returns to Ithaca, his home city, he realizes that his son Telemachus and himself are in dangour of being murdered by the suitors that are trying to marry his wife Penelope. There are too many suitors to fght himself and he knows that he needs to make a plan to defeat them. Doing so, he enlists the help of an old servant to lock the suitors in his courtyard so they cannot escape. In addition, he tells Telemachus to “Gather up their armour and weapons… nd take them inside. ” (Roy Thomas, 148).

Now the suitors are unable to protect themselves. This results in Odysseus manicuring the suitors and being able to retake lthica. Once again, Odysseus’ cleverness was able to outmaneuver the sheer amount of suitors. At the begging of Odyssues’ adventure, at the battle of Troy, Odysseus comes up with the idea of building the Trojan hourse, giving it to the Trojans as a gift and hiding Greek men inside it. The Trojans accept the horse as a gift and bring it into their city. The Greek men inside wait until night, then they sneak out and destroy

Troy. “Know, Telemachus, that Odysseus devised the wooeden horse that we left upon that far shore… ” (Roy Thomas, 13) This shows that Odysseus was the one who came up with this brilliant plan to defeat the city of Troy and his people knew and with their heads, Odysseus knows how to do so and by this he defeats the city of Troy. Througout the graphic novel The Odyssey, Odysseus shows that brains is better than brawns by defeating the Cyclops, defeating the suitors and tricking the Trojans. IDK HOW TO WRITE THE CONCLUSSION??????????????????????

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