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English Q3 w3 cwSCENE I1.

      The first apparition tells Macbeth to be aware of Macduff. The second apparition tells Macbeth that no man is born from a woman is going to kill him he then figures that he must be safe because everyone is born of a woman. The third apparition tells Macbeth that he will be safe until the forest change its place and he knows that it will never happen.

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2.      The armed head suggests a warrior and it foreshadows that Macbeth will be a traitor to Macdonwald. the bloody child presents all blood imagery in the play and also referred to a child mixed with blood referring to fleance who is targeted for death.

The crowned child holding a tree so any crowned child is a threat to Macbeth since Banquo heirs have been predicted to be kings.3.      that was the fourth apparition when Macbeth saw a line of kings and Banquo is at the end of it and he knew then that Banquo’s’ sons who will be hired to the throne,4.

      m5.       Scene II6.     Lady Macduff feels betrayed, unprotected and angry because she now sees he husband as a traitor, not a traitor for the country but a traitor for his family: a traitor to his wife and his son. and she told her son That her husband doesn’t love her and that he is dead.7.     Ross advised lady Macduff to not take any decisions and conclusion about her husband; he told her “I pray you school yourself” and to remember that these are uncertain times when people are labeled traitors even though they are not.

He advised her to support her husband and understand that Macbeth is dangerous.8.     the mood is described as everyone has doubt and suspious about others and no one trusts the other and Macduff was called as a traitor by his wife and Macbeth become in a worse situation and whenever the situation gets worse Macbeth become more evil and dangerous.9.     the truth does Lady Macduff make about a traitor during the rule of a tyrant which is If you stand up to a tyrant you are not a traitor but if you swear and lie you are a traitor and you should be hangedScene III10.

  Malcolm begins by questioning Macduff’s motives for leaving his wife and son unprotected. Malcolm is doing a test for Macduff’s loyalties lie. He was spurious of everyone. When Macduff answers that the crown is rightfully Malcolm’s and Macbeth should be stopped, Malcolm assured of his honesty and tells him he was not serious about his statements.


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