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Red Bull’s manufacturing base in central Europe has a lot Of advantages: Red Bull guarantees that the same product quality is enjoyed around the world, thanks to highly controlled production process and the use of high quality ingredients.

The energy used for production comes from the region; around 80% is sourced from renewable energies. Red Bull uses aluminum because: Aluminum cans are oxygen-proof and neutral in taste, so the drink stays in fresh, top quality for a long time. Cans are light; Today, they weigh less than only a decade ago. They’re easy to carry and transport..

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Their durability is not only useful for transport; it also makes them very safe for physical activities and events. The can is 100% recyclable. It can be melted down and reused an infinite number of times with absolutely no loss in quality – and with huge savings in energy. Beverage cans are ideal for transportation and stocking. Thanks to their compact and efficient form, they use about 40% less transport space than glass bottles and 30% less than PET bottles. Once chilled, the beverage remains cool in the can for a very long time. At the production facilities in Austria, creation of Red Bull Energy Drink follows what known as the wall-to-wall principle – meaning that production and filling take place on the same site. The can is manufactured in one part 01 the factory, while the drink is prepared in another.

Can and content are united in the filling unit. Approximately TV’0 billion cans annually need no further transport until they’re ready to leave the facilities for their final destination. This saves the equivalent emissions of more than 10,000 truck journeys of 700 kilometers each or more than 7 million kilometers per year.

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