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Emergency Response Pilot When there is a car crash on the highway, everyone slows down to gape at the wreckage.

However, few have ever seen a truly horrific, heavily gory accident in which a Medical helicopter has come to rush victims off to safety. Air-medical transport saves lives every day in a plethora of situations. Being a part of the Hawaii Air Ambulance team allows one to be the best pilot they could be in a field whose purpose is saving lives.To be an Emergency Response helicopter pilot requires an extensive amount of skills, certifications and experience. One must have good concentration skills, be calm, collected and focused. One must be analytical and have a high level of mechanical aptitude.

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A high school diploma is mandatory, classes should include algebra, geometry and physics, a current FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Commercial Oratorical Certificate, also known as a flight school diploma, is also mandatory.One also needs a current FAA Class II Medical Certificate, along with 3,000 total helicopter flight hours which needs to include 1,000 PICK (pilot in nomad) in helicopters, 1,000 turbine flight hours, 200 FIR (instrument flight rules) flight hours and 100 SPIFF (single pilot instrument flight rules). To receive a FAA Commercial Oratorical Certificate one would undergo flight and ground training, a flight physical, written tests, and practical tests.

It takes about 14-24 months to fully complete the training. One must be able to help with physical tasks, such as carrying, lifting and pushing weights up to 80 pounds.One must also be able to maintain a weight of no more than boss, fully suited. The salary is approximately $85,000-115,000 depending on experience and number of shifts worked. Shifts are usually one week on, one week off rotations, with shifts being up to 12 hours. Hawaii Air Ambulance’s parent company, Air Medical Resource Group, offers company sponsored health and dental plan for the employee and immediate family, $25,000 company-paid Life Insurance , paid sick days, vacation days and holidays off available the first year of employment and a 401(k) plan with a company match up to 2%.

The lot of an ICE 35 helicopter is responsible for pre-flight planning, including the filing of flight plans, completing a load manifest to calculate weight and balance, pre-flight and post-flight inspection of aircraft, fueling the aircraft and pre- and post-flight debriefing. To fly an CHECK it is preferred that one has Emergency Medical Service flight experience, Night Vision Goggle experience, and ICE 35 specific experience. All Hawaii Air Ambulance pilots wear the same company issued blue Jumpsuits.If one tests the specifications and qualifications, saving lives being an Emergency Response Pilot would be extremely rewarding.

Hawaii Air Ambulance has been providing the state of Hawaii with exquisite service for more than 30 years. Hawaii Air Ambulance is a branch of the larger company MARK (Air Medical Resource Group), which has daughter companies in seven areas/states. MARK was started due to a drastic need for quicker medical transportation in the four corner states, especially safe, compassionate and efficient air medical transportation”.

Hawaii Air Ambulance reverse the entire state of Hawaii with seven full-time bases located in Honolulu, Keelhaul, Hill, Lieu, Maim, Samuel and Kong, to ensure the fastest response time possible. In the past five years, due to new management, Hawaii Air Ambulance purchased newer and safer aircraft and increased the qualifications for both pilots and medical personnel, well above industry standards. Hawaii Air Ambulance is on the fast track to success. If one was interested in exploring the sky, all the while saving lives, then becoming an Emergency Response Helicopter Pilot is definitely for hem.

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