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Supervision Research Paper Thesis Statement: “What impact does a manager’s or supervisor’s level of emotional intelligence have on their organizational climate? ” Through the first month of the class, the chapter that the two of us found the most intriguing was chapter 4 on emotional intelligence. We were particularly interested in how big of an effect a manager’s emotional intelligence level has on the employees and the culture. Once deciding on our topic we began to look for sources that would help us find the answer to our question.

For finding our necessary research for this project we plan on using many different sources. Most of our research will be found using the McCann library database. The “Business Sources Complete” and “Canadian Business and Current Affairs” databases from the business and management section will be our many areas to search in. We also plan on going to the McCann and public libraries and look for books that will help us find the information we need. The following are the current resources that we have found so far. Sources: Gosh, R. , Shuck, B. , & Petrol’s, J. (2012).

Emotional intelligence and organizational learning in work teams. Journal Of Management Development, The purpose of this paper is to explore the relation between emotional intelligence, team learning and team psychological safety. This will relate to our thesis statement because we can use the comparisons in this article to compare how El will affect an organizational climate. This is a scholarly Journal. Holt, S. , & Jones, S. (2005). Emotional intelligence and organizational performance: Implications for performance consultants and educators.

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Performance Improvement, 44(10), 15-21. DOI:10. 1002/if. 4140441005 This source examines the definition of motional intelligence and its role in promotion the efficiency in organizations. We found that this source would give us some sort of basic information on relating an organizations climate and performance to El. Juror, H. , Fuzzy Bin Yucca, H. , & Md Shah, l. (2012). Role of Gender in Emotional Intelligence: Relationship among Emotional Intelligence, Communication Effectiveness and Job Satisfaction. International Journal Of Management, 29(4), 590-597.

This article explores how emotional intelligence relates to different areas of a organizations culture such as Job satisfaction and communication. It also explains how emotional intelligent managers and employees are influenced by effectiveness. We found this under a scholarly Journal. Coral, H. , & Juror, M. (2012). Management: A Study of Organizational Culture and the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Communication Effectiveness. Journal Of Management Research, 4(1), 1-14. DOI:10. 5296/Jam. Viii. 36 This case study explores the relationship between emotional intelligence and communication effectiveness and the effects on organizational culture. Data for the study was collected through questionnaires among managers and employees and provides relevant information or our paper. Kali’, A. (2012). The Role of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: A Literature Review. International Journal Of Management, 29(3), 355-370. This source talks auto ten role Tanat emotional Intelligence plays In ten workplace Ana t influence of El on increasing effectiveness.

We can use the theories and studies that are iincluded in this article to help us find the necessary information. This was also found as a scholarly article. Keel, C. C. , & Cheesecloth, A. F. (2008). The relationship between leader emotional intelligence and psychological climate: An exploratory study. South African Journal Of Business Management, 39(2), 9-23. This study explores the relationship between two important constructs for organizations; emotional intelligence and psychological climate.

This article will help us find very important information to help us answer our question because it perfectly relations El and the climate of an organization. This is a scholarly article. Mayer, J. D. , & Caruso, D. (2002). The effective leader: Understanding and applying emotional intelligence. Vive Business Journal Online, , 1-1 . Retrieved from http:// search. Protest. Com/deceive/216187547? Accounted=12212 Mayer and Caruso explain in this Journal how a leader should understand emotional intelligence and apply the knowledge in order to become an effective leader.

It also explains the impact that a manager’s emotional intelligence has on the personnel and the organization. This Journal is very relevant to our thesis because is talks about the proper emotional intelligence that a manager needs to have in order to become an effective leader. Moment, N. (2009). The Relation Between Managers’ Emotional Intelligence and the Organizational Climate They Create. Public Personnel Management, 38(2), 35-48. This article talks about how the emotional behavior of a manager has an impact on their own organizational climate.

It contains surveys that have been taken on employee’s perception of their organizational climate. This is also a scholarly article. Sears, G. , & Holman, C. (2010). The Joint Influence of Supervisor and Subordinate Emotional Intelligence on Leader-Member Exchange. Journal Of Business & psychology, 25(4), 593-605. Dot:10. 1007Гџ10869-009-9152-y This article talks about the role that emotional intelligence of a leader and the members have on the organizations. The influence the El will have on the supervisor and employees in the organization.

We can relate this to our thesis statement in that it will provide us with the influence of managers El on his employees. This is also a scholarly article. Swanker, M. (2012). Organizational citizenship Bbehavior: Leveraging effects on Transformational Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence. Swear Research Journal, 13(1), 63-69. Organizations are trying to enhance the performance of the employees along with organizational citizenship behavior in work environment. We encouraging figured that we could use this intelligence. Article to relate it to the effects on emotional

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