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 Electronic music is separated from a variety ofgenres because of the sound created, the digital model with various audioreproduction tools, this system is often used with a computer with variousapplications, but can also be created using drum devices and a midi samplerand other production device. Digital music played in the sixties, popular bandsalong with The Seaside Boys and The Beatles used digital equipment to decoratetheir tune-up sounds. Durance used their synthesizers in the 1980s, they beganto create a synthesizer pop scene and affected a lot of electrons -pop artiststoday. Daft Punk has gained a reputation in the 1980s, songs from the secondalbum One Big Time have become mainstream clubs and mainstream hits, while DaftPunk’s electronic song writing around the world was not upset because theirlives are showing off and even though they’re not working on their playlist,their At the time of the action, the visual factors are emphasizing theirsounds, now robotic costumes are now synonymous with digital music and filmswith Tron.

The artist I can pick and compare is SBTRKT andjustice Justice the French duet, Gaspard Auge and Xavier deRosnay, produces a non-destructive home path with heavy rock and steelinfluences. Their creation in 2003, they received 13 nominations and won fiveawards with a beautiful video “D.A.N.C.E.”, this music is included inthe album “Cross”, an album that encourages them to be recognized.

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They received a remix of many of the most popular artists, consisting ofBritney Spears and Daft Punk, and their remix MGMT received the Grammy Award.Their singles were related to the famous Wii dance games, and their latestrelease of Audio, Video, and Disco began in September and received four famouspeople from their father or mother. Of course, justice has a strong influence of rockand metal on their photographic and musical styles; their production, whichconsists of cutting basslines and distorting synthesizers, has created greatadvertising, which is considered to be extremely powerful and ears split.    SBTRKT is also used as a pseudonym of Aaron Jeromewho is a very new artist, and what else in the words you call”publish-dubstep” is the louder digital sound of the song, thepopular mantle, brittle elephants, small instruments, and the darker vibes ofhis tune was. is constantly rotated through Radio One, and its variety of worksranging from minimalist dubstep to electro to life with a hard disco.

SBTRKT is a nickname used to aid the idea ofanonymity, he stated in an interview that now he himself does not want tointeract as a person and let the musician speak for himself, he portrayed it ashis challenge, SBTRKT, which is expressed in a “subtract” call,allows him to clearly state that his The song becomes independent of anyunmarried person or photo, unlike the duo of justice, as they appear as a rockstar’s way of life behind their tracks, their documentaries, The CrossUniverse, were made by a member of the Justice, gestured by women, that thereare whole breasts, pouring alcohol into pieces and taking a lot of pills. Thismeans that SBRTT is more prone to the land that lives behind the tracks, ratherthan the way of life revealed by the trail of training, and justice is representedas a duo that James dean -esque “method keeps the lifestyle fast, the youngphilosophy passes, it shows their presence in me you show that they are doingmore than their lifestyle, and is also evident in their video surveillancevideos. The “Justice” shocked the musical video, as the rigorous DaftPunk-esquerhythm was observed through intense and competitive visibility, whichcaused a lot of controversy over the public, but director Romain Gavr wasacknowledged by his provocative videos and diverted others together with MIA”Born free”. The “prints” correspond to a thorn gangwearing the correct bomber waist when they terrorize the city, and this is thepopulation, the final result is a brutal 6 minute video that istraumatic and beautiful to watch the same time. I think Justice has preciselyopted for a debatable director who creates a video that adds to the pressurethat the video adds to the album’s eyebrows, which is an essential part of theartist’s need to remember in the song industry, Madonna is another artist whoRegularly started the songwriters under consideration and effectively kept theflames of her career in pop, her films “Praying” and “CorrectingMy Love” included both sexually explicit and provocative images, and LadyGaga artists, who are constantly pushing the boundaries, must Mostly Twitter’sinternational audience seems to be completing the point that an important thingfor memory and achievement is the controversy and the implied behind the doorbox and even hearing the innovation of the song industry.

I thinkthat several artists follow a consistent desire to redraw all and variousthings and themselves, and this has the potential to produce ridiculousresults, for example, the girl Gaga seems to have an infinite absurd absurdidea that she enters into a movement, such as her husband alter – I guess ifthis continues, it can eventually result in a result that will be unexpectedlycontrolled, like Britney. I agree with justice that releases stress was a verygood permission to introduce justice to the main target audience, but I thinkthat they should not use the controversial song method because they will beginto create a song and grow a picture to formulate the agenda is scandalous andprovocative, giving priority to their personal for the person and creating themusic they need. The SBTRT is well suited to the song industry, hehimself has devoted a revolutionary photo and now wearing masks and lets hismask become the face of his track, as justice, he usually turned to electronictune and stirred popular RnB genres, soul and dubstep created his own exactcombination, his best bet to maintain his fate, his debut SBTRKT received a 8.1wake rating and his directions were defined as awesome; their live offersinclude SBTRKT, using digital and acoustic drums, along with Sampha, Sample,frequent collaborator, performs together with keyboards and adds vocal pieces.

The Pharaohs composition includes the popular soul performer Rose Gabour, avideo directed by Tim Brown, whose director Tinie Tempah, Pass Out, offers theradio’s favourite radio favourite video. I think the video could have beensubject to additional restrictions, but there is a way far away now – alightweight but memorable video makes it more accessible to the audience, itseems Rose Gabour is the front of the video clip, which translates the ideologyof SBTRKT to allow the language to be tuned , and not to him, as he createdinstrumental and wrote lyrics, but he seems to be on the background of aplaylist, for a while, when he dj’ing his brand mask while Rose Gabour dances,it means that the SBRTT needs to be scattered, but powerful.To sum up, Ithink both artists are great at looking at the type of electronic musicproduction, doing justice, writing dependencies on melodies in theirproduction, and avoiding the brothers’ boys market, it seems that manyelectronics manufacturers, like justice, are tracking where there is a hugemacho. For example, artists , such as Skrillex, which also include theinfluence of metal, seemed to have strayed from the ethics of electronic music,where he and other electronic manufacturers created a new aetiology, wherethere is always a struggle for the most unpredictable sound of the bass, butactually the sound produced by them the modern electronic music is so frequentthat it almost seems soft and repetitive, justice preserves its unique elementof music and has created a different musical style, while the duo iscontinually updated with a constantly changing electronic genre, but also addsto her feelings, like the SBTRKT, who created a very unique musical stylewhich, bye ip i think will take the UK scene on the scene very quickly.


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