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An old speak says if you do not have an elderly person beside you, you should buy one. When I was a child, I remember how my mom used to wash me, brash my hair, feed me, take care of me with so much love. What should I give her in reverse? A lonely place in an impersonal room on a shelter? Or a warm and full of love room in my home? People should learn to help, take care and protect someone in need. It is said that the kids do what they see their parent’s do. The treatment I apply to my parent’s, the same I would like to receive in reverse from my own kids. Any living creature needs protection and love.

A healthy and happy family will offer a warm and full environment for grandparent’s. Moreover, they deserve to be treated with respect because of what they encountered in our education process. Beside the fact they have health issues, aged people still have feeling and sentiments. That sensible part should not be hurt ever. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoid during live. But a small part can be healed. Parent’s should learn their kids how important is to take care of someone older. Living with grandparent’s in the same house, a child can see better how life turns apart from a certain age and how much help an aged person needs.

Children do what they are told to do. Give respect, receive respect in return. Give love, receive love in return. But in a special residence, the elder people will get professional care. At any time, there will be always someone who can help you to go to bath, someone who will listen what you are saying no matter how boring are you, someone how will give your pills in time in an incontestable professional conditions. One of the 10th Laws says to love and respect your parent’s. In what concerns me, my parent’s represent the most important persons in my life. They will be my elder persons after should I take care for the rest of their lives.

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