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Effects Of Second Hand Smoke Anti-smokers have long tried to restrict smoking on the grounds that it was bad for smokers health. But this sort of paternalism, while it has many merits, is not very effective when it comes to getting laws passed. At least not in this country.

In recent years, however, they have made great progress using the theory that smoking is bad for the health of others: that Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) can, in fact, be deadly.The phrase “respiratory illnesses”, when used in connection with ETS, is usually found appended to a list of other claims, as in “cancer, heart disease and …” It seems to round off the list nicely and is purposely left vague.

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If pressed, anti-smokers will, as if by rote, recite “… such as asthma, colds, influenza and pneumonia”. But none of these ailments is caused by smoking, much less by ETS. Pressed further, the antis will backpedal to the claim that ETS “aggravates” these conditions. Since 1979, the number of smokers has declined significantly, from about 33% of adults, or higher, to a proportion varyingly reported as being from 20% to 25%.

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