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Effects of Rap on Today?s Youth. I plan on researching the effects of rap on today?s youth. As Glenn Collins explains, ?the influence of rap is now evident in the nation?s language, music, fashion and advertising? (C15).

I also plan on researching the effects of good clean lyrics that Will Smith uses, compared to the vulgar and violent lyrics of past rap artists such as Tupac Shakur and Chris Wallace a.k.a. Notorious BIG.

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I became aware of this topic because I listen to rap music. I own 20 rap CD?s. I became concerned about rap lyrics bad influence when Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG were murdered in the middle of the 1990?s. Will Smith is also my favorite rap artist, because he does not use profanity and violence in his lyrics.

According to Smith, ?Good rap does not have to be vulgar? (qtd. in ?Fresh Prince? 17A). I am also interested in learning the effects of unclean rap lyrics on today?s youth. There needs to be further investigation on this, because this important subject seems to have some how faded over the past five to ten years. According to Terry Teachout, ?the actual content of rap, rap, eminem, lyrics, music, album, about, mathers, marshall, big, 2002, song, show, it?s, influence, young, way, two, time, people, new, law, considine, awards, 76, take, songs, say, said, own, out, one, make, lp, been, artists

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