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The overuse Of natural resources due to increased demand and also the removal of ecosystems due to population growth have had a large negative impact on the environment and hence causing health insecurity. Extensive deforestation has occurred world-wide with the logging industry being fuelled by the need for disposable products. Millions of acres of trees are cut yearly for commercial and property industries. Deforestation is causing a loss of biological diversity on the planet. In Australia 90% of native forest wood are exported, destroying Australia’s natural heritage. About one half of the forests that covered the Earth are gone.

Each year,millions of hectares disappear. Deforestation is expanding and accelerating into the remaining areas of undisturbed forest. In some countries, powerful families allied with the government rulers control large and highly valuable timber concessions. These forests are being rapidly logged, at enormous profit. Over-fishing occurs when fishing activities reduce fish stocks below an acceptable level and this leads to resource depletion. Over-fishing has also occurred around the globe with 9 of the world’s 1 7 ajar fishing grounds in decline and 4 of them have been fished out commercially.

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A study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN in 2005 found that global stocks of most fish are stretched to their limits. Nearly a quarter of commercial species have already been over-exploited, with a total 70% of species now being fished close to, at, or beyond their capacity-Globalization has also had a negative impact on the environment through global warming which is due to greenhouse gas emissions which are caused by a growth of industrialization in the developing nations and by a heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

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