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Effects Of Empiricism Effects of Empiricism in Modern Psychology The definition given to us in class of Empiricism was the idea that all knowledge comes through experience. Also talked about was the word Tabula Rasa, which refers to a blank slat, or knowing nothing. So the idea of Empiricism is that when we are born, we start out with brains, but no smarts in the brains. Meaning we are a totally fresh and new creation and everything we do and experience becomes our building blocks toward becoming smarter and more knowledgeable in life. Even though Empiricism took place a long time ago, there are still ways in our culture and modern psychology that echo the same beliefs and thoughts. One way we can see some similarity is from the Nature vs.

Nurture concept in personality. This thought is one that says that we all learn and grow in experience and knowledge from the environment, friends, and family that we are in. It?s the things around us that teaches us and makes us who we are today. This sounds a lot like the empiricism, way, smarter, research, psychology, modern, knowledge, experience, today, through, thought, things, sort, says, people, out, one, knowing, idea, comes, brains, becoming, wrong, word, ways, vs, understanding, toward, totally, took, toll, time, thoughts, though, theories

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