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Effects Of Adoption Effects of Adoption My first subject to be interviewed was the parent of a two year old infant, twenty nine years of age, whom is a secretary for my mother. I was only able to spend about ten minuets with her over the phone, although much information was received in that short time. She adopted her son at the age of eight months, and he is now two years of age.

My second subject, is a parent of two, female, a close friend?s cousin, whom recently turned thirty two. She adopted her son soon after birth, and he is now six years of age. Once again my time was only ten minuets and over the phone. Lastly, subject number three is a parent of an adopted son at the age of thirty seven. The couple adopted soon after birth and their son is now eleven. I spoke to him over the phone for close to twelve minuets. My goals in this project were to better understand the effects of adoption on a child?s biological stage of development, cognitive stage of development, and their socio-emotional development.

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I also was interested in the role the adoption process and all that it burdens, child, subject, development, son, adoption, adopted, about, stage, cognitive, two, process, although, parents, one, now, years, subject?s, environment, children, anger, age, after, year, trouble, time, thought, think, social, others, often, mother, learning, learned, himself, feelings

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