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of Ignorance on Society

       “Nothing in the
world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”    -Martin Luther King
Jr. Lack
of experience and education caused by ignorance causes conflict, this results
in social differentiation. Ignorance effects society because of peoples
religious perspectives, what they truly know about their own religion and how
they look at other people that believe in different religions. Ignorance
affects people by differentiating them by their education. Last but not least
ignorance of the people put a cultural gap between the individuals that are
raised by their older generations who were between educated and not educated.
It is a parent’s responsibility to teach their children on separating between
what is moral and immoral, but when one is questioned about their beliefs,
division truly starts to form.

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     First of all, when people are misconceived
by their religious beliefs, many but not all are made by those who don’t know
much about what they are talking about. Ignorance is dividing humanity by
religion because of that’s what they have heard from their surroundings. For
example, when a Christian man judges a Muslim man because of the falsehood
things he heard such as, “Muslims don’t believe in Jesus”.  That’s not correct, Muslims believe that
Jesus was a prophet who was given a special message—injil, or the gospel—to
convey to all people (Farina 49). He probably doesn’t know about this because
he has never looked and read the Quran before. Knowing nothing but judging
everyone is a result of ignorance.


         Secondly, when there is ignorance in the
picture, it is probably because of the ignorant ones who think that they are
better than everyone and they know everything but there is a problem there. In
fact, they almost know nothing. Because they think that they know everything,
they don’t need any education. This makes people who are ignorant and smart
differ. For example, think about a Professor in a University and a person who
dropped out from high school. If one puts them in front of a court everyone
will listen what the professor says not the guy who dropped out from high
school. The fact that they think they are smarter than everyone else makes them
look deficient on other people’s eyes. That’s what makes them antithesize from
other individuals.

     Lastly, the cultural difference between
people who are raised by different types of parents is because of the ignorance
and the education level of the ones that are raising the children. If the adolescents
are not raised correctly because of their parents are high in ignorance they
will have a lot of cultural gap between other children who were raised by parents
that were educated. For example when one goes to meet the two people who were
raised by different family’s, the one can see that the person with educated
parents has more knowledge in his or her speaking but the person who was raised
by ignorant parents has small word capacity and repeats himself or herself. “We
follow Jere Behrman and Mark Rosenzweig (2002) and assume that a child’s
educational attainment depends linearly on the educational attainment of each
of their parents (Edmother and Edfather), plus some unobserved pre-education
‘endowments’ (Ermish, Pronzato 6). While it is hard to be specific about the
constituents of these ‘endowments’, thinking about them is important because
they are likely to be correlated with parents’ education” (Ermish, Pronzato 6).
The first of these are earnings endowments of each parent (Endowmother and
Endowfather) that affect their hourly earnings, which in turn have income, time
allocation and bargaining effects on their children’s education, as is
described in the discussion of the effects of parents’ education(Ermish and
Pronzato 6). As defined here, earnings endowments reflect genetic inheritance
and pre-education environmental influences (Ermish, Pronzato 6). The education
level of the parents affects their kid by creating their point of view, culture,
and responsibility.

     To conclude, the ignorance of individuals
effects society with differentiating them from the educated people. Ignorant
people make their self’s look smaller next to the educated people with their poor
judgment. Ignorance causes poor a point of view in religion, people judge each
other by their belief before knowing anything about their nor other one’s denomination. Ignorance makes people
think that they know everything and they don’t have anything left to learn. They
differentiate other people that are educated by telling them they don’t know
anything and calling them dumb because they are still trying to learn new things.
Parents have a really conspicuous impact on their child’s life and their kids
inherit their lifestyle and their point of view. The individuals differentiate
by their parent’s education level or ignorance.

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